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    2nd Edition material search

    So, a little background:
    I'm building a custom campaign, and most of my players prefer second edition (including myself), but I don't want to use a lot of the base information. I'm stripping out the specialist wizards (mostly because i'm heavily modifying the magic system), but I still wanted more options than "Wizard" for my caster-based players.

    I'm trying to find the campain info for second edition, but I'm having no luck if nobody can direct me to a full download, even just the campaign setting specific class specis would help, though campaign setting spells would be wonderful too.

    As a side note, my search is not limited to the Birthright stuff, but I'd like to know where the info is coming from just so I can make a listing of what materials I need to try to get a hold of.

    Thanks in advanced for any help anyone can provide!


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    You can buy it legally, right here.

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    I'm not completely sure what you're asking... ideas for more magic-using classes?

    Or a list of official TSR-era magic classes?

    I suggest you have a look at the four Wizard's Spell Compendiums, they have all the spells and all the magic-using classes ever officially published.

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