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    Hex mapping, domains and provinces

    I'm considering using a portion of the Birthright rules in conjunction with Pathfinder's Ultimate Campaign rules. The one thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is how to differentiate Domains and Provinces on hex-based maps. It shouldn't be that difficult, but I'm having a brain cramp.

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    I'd set "a" to "b" as the possible range of number of hexes for each province - they vary in size quite a lot so a range is better than an absolute number. To get the maximum population / source potential look at each hex and decide what terrain dominates each province, what features there are and use that as the province base. Once you have your province map, forming domains should be fairly straight forward.

    It depends on whether you are mapping an existing world or running a colonisation approach though, in the former case the domains are "already there" and you are mapping kingmaker to them; in the latter case the provinces and domains will be carved out of the wilderness by those strong enough to forge their own domain - to rise to glory or fade with their passing depending on their skill as nation building.

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    Ok. Thanks for the input! Well, generally speaking, I was going to have players "create" the world as we go, forming base hexes (i.e. plains, mountains, hills, etc.) and then within those hexes have approximately 7 sub-hexes (I figured that would fit){sub-domains?} and then go from there.

    I guess I should also state, this is for a Battlegame/LARP system we're playing too.

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