First, a very minor correction. Elves aren't immortal, they're eternal.
They can be killed, they just don't die of old age. Comes in handy for
those archmages...

Sure, elves get bored with ruling. Unlike humans, who seek power, most
elves don't want the burden of ruling. It's a cultural difference; the
elvish reputation for being flighty has some truth in this regard. Some
of them aren't flighty and don't mind ruling (Rhuobe Manslayer is a
perfect example of this type of elf, but I suspect that hishigher
purpose keeps him in charge). Elves can afford to wait for their chance
to succeed the throne if that's what they want.

Lots of elven rulers remain on the throne only long enough to see their
plans through to completion; mind you, this could be for centuries or
even longer, since elves think in the long term.

Elven successions are almost always peaceful and blood free. When the
existing ruler tires of ruling or feels compelled to perform some task
or quest, he/she names a successor. Some cultures (Tuarviehel, for
instance) have their own requirements for regents that must be met in
named successors.

The Tuarviehel domain is a great read and very instructional about the
ideas and attitudes of elves. Lots of culture too. It's not a great
product, but it's a good one.

At least, this is my take on it. Other opinions?


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> Hi everyone,
> you must forgive me, but i too am pretty new to Birthright. i
> just have a couple questions.
> 1) I read that the elves are immortal. does that strike anyone as a
> little odd? not only odd, but i think it a little strange to have
> immortal pc's and npc's running around. if this is true, than think of
> all the elven kingdoms... they could possibly have to same
> ruler/regent
> since before Deismaar!! is there a particular way the elves run their
> government, so that the same elf doesn't rule forever? i am only a
> high
> school senior, and not having much money to throw around, i have only
> been able to pick up a few accessories. (that's kinda why i joined
> this
> list) but in everything i have read, nothing really goes into detail
> on
> elven ruling. does this mean that the DM and PC's are up to their own
> to
> come up with a way of government?