Trizt wrote:
> Those of you who has the Rjuvik module and do know something about languages
> has prolly noticed that there are dommains with Finnic names among the
> Scandinvaian-Germanic names. Has anyone done something which would explain the
> quite "strange" names among the Rjuvik? It's a bit impossible to just say that
> the Rjuviks uses the elven names for the domains, as there is still quite much
> difference between the languages.
> I have thought about leting the domains (Oulu, Torne, Jurva and Jokkajoen)
> have a half-elven settlements which has choosen to have a culture influnced
> both of the Rjuvik and Elven and that they have developed an own language
> which don't resemble of any of the other languages. Thise Half-Evles would
> have roots to the first Half-Elves in the area, so that many of them can
> count atleast 12 generations backwards where they only have Half-Elven
> relatives.
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hello, Adam Theo here,
actually, i would like to say that this finnic influence would come from
say a another race that was living in the area when the rjurik first
arrinved. say the local goblins? that's funny....but interesting. or
possibly a race that lived with the elves, but were wiped out as the
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