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Birthright 5e (based off AD&D 2e version)

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Uploaded by zcthu3 - 01-07-2015
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Hi all

I have attached a copy of the conversion doc we intend to use in our home game. Hopefully some of you find it of some use. A couple of things:

1. Our group isn't overly concerned with balance; given that I have tried to stay true to the spirit of the rules, rather than any sort of mechanical balance. Given that, some blood abilities (in particular) may be completely unbalanced.

2. This conversion has borrowed from other conversions linked to from this site, but after multiple variations to the original doc, I can't remember who posted what. If you find something in it that you suggested/converted and which I have then used, thank for your assistance and please let me know so I can attribute it.

Also, it has some house rules (which I have left in) around unblooded regents, mainly as something might happen in the future of the campaign which might see it being necessary to have rules for such.

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I appreciate it.

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