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A new race A new race : Here is a new race. As presented it is specific to the Ninshon continent, but it could easily be stu ... [more] (1.43 MB) 07-07-2017 8 0
War, Card system new battle rules War, Card system new battle rules : This rulebook was produced the time we came upon the need to create rules that expanded (( a lot )) ... [more] (1.32 MB) 11-03-2013 229 3
Birthright Companion Rules Birthright Companion Rules : This second not yet completed rulebook is an effort to add depth to the skill system and some more e ... [more] (1.01 MB) 11-03-2013 220 1
Custom Rules Version for Birthright Custom Rules Version for Birthright : Good morning all, I am very proud to present you with this refined and polished version of our ruleb ... [more] (4.9 KB) 11-03-2013 268 7
Pathfinder Character Sheet Pathfinder Character Sheet : A simple character sheet for Pathfinder, the source code is available on github at ... [more] (837.4 KB) 06-16-2013 113 0
Rich Baker's Lost Files Rich Baker's Lost Files : Some background notes by Rich Baker, one of the original developers of the Birthright campaign setti ... [more] (49.1 KB) 03-17-2012 443 0
Proficiencies for Custom Rules 2.5 Ad&d Proficiencies for Custom Rules 2.5 Ad&d : In here are included the short version of what the character skills are up to for your characters fo ... [more] (88.0 KB) 03-01-2012 140 0
BR 2.5 custom write BETA BR 2.5 custom write BETA : we are a team of players that we are sort of dedicated to the roleplay part of the BR campaign setti ... [more] (8.44 MB) 02-28-2012 254 3
Gurps Forum Discussion Conversion for Birthright Gurps Forum Discussion Conversion for Birthright : I found a document with links to each post that I compiled together in chronological order. Not muc ... [more] (5.1 KB) 05-16-2011 58 0
Wotc Forum Discussions I Wotc Forum Discussions I : The original WotC discussion boards regarding the Birthright setting that I saved. Thread Discuss ... [more] (112.4 KB) 05-16-2011 69 0
Shadow World Horrors Shadow World Horrors : 3 monsters from the shadow world written by Peter Thread Discussion ... [more] (180.9 KB) 05-16-2011 117 0
The Campaigns of Michael Roele The Campaigns of Michael Roele : This document is solmyr's loose interpretation of the domains of Anuire during the time and events t ... [more] (10.2 KB) 05-16-2011 164 0
Manni's Warcards et al Manni's Warcards et al : The original collection of Manni's warcards, documentation and some other warcards from elsewhere on ... [more] (2.45 MB) 05-16-2011 197 0
Southern Coast Southern Coast : This document is from the original Atlas project. Thread Discussion ... [more] (1,015.5 KB) 05-16-2011 228 0
College of Sorcery College of Sorcery : 3 Files I saved from Darren's work on the College of Sorcery. Thread Discussion ... [more] (30.2 KB) 05-16-2011 194 0
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