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  1. Third Edition Birthright Rulebook

    Started by Sorontar, 08-02-2010 01:57 AM
    3rd, 3rd edition, brcs, campaign, category, community, developed, doom, downloads, edition, game, game mechanics, gaming, original, publication, published, rewrite, rulebook, srd, travis, wiki
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    Last Post: 08-02-2010 01:57 AM
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  2. Travis Doom

    Started by Sorontar, 07-18-2010 05:14 PM
    brcs, contributors, document, doom, draft, edition, major, rulebook, srd, travis, version, wiki
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  3. Cover page

    Started by Sorontar, 01-22-2009 02:53 AM
    andu, aurel, baker, bebris, brcs, brlogo, campaign, carrie bebris, chapter, character, Colin, cover, d20, doom, download, draft, dungeons, edition, fiction, game, lawgiver, McComb, original, product, rulebook, setting, travis, version, visit, wotc
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    Last Post: 01-22-2009 02:53 AM
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  4. Province Divestiture

    Started by Benjamin, 12-05-2005 04:56 PM
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    action, actions, agitate, agitating, army, attitude, austin, Avan, brcs, children, cold, colonies, current, divestiture, game, group, holdings, houses, influence, law, law holding, military, money, occupation, occupy, order, point, prelude, province, realm, regent, republic, rule, ruler, show, storage, succession, tael, tennessee, travis, troop, war, william
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    Last Post: 12-09-2005 09:32 PM
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  5. ScionForge Character Sheet

    Started by colinbuckler, 11-09-2005 09:19 PM
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    Last Post: 11-16-2005 01:00 PM
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  6. BR 3rd Edition Rulebook

    Started by OrangeArmlessMonkey, 10-06-2005 08:57 PM
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    Last Post: 10-21-2005 06:04 AM
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  7. Links To Br On The Web

    Started by teloft, 11-01-2003 11:57 PM
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    2nd, 2nd edition, animal, artist, beauty, bloodsilver, brazil, Brechtür, browser, cartographer, characters, city, coast, cold, collection, couple, crown, culture, dawn, dead, dnd, doom, dungeons, eastern, edition, game, Gorgon, highlands, honour, intelligence, kgauck, king, leader, mabinogin, masse, members, menu, nick, NPC, oriental, pages, pbem, place, player, power, public, purpose, realm, register, reign, return, sea, ship, south, storage, strange, sun, travel, travis, visit, war, wizards, world
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    Last Post: 11-26-2003 01:42 PM
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  8. War Cards

    Started by Mantyluoto, 01-18-2003 11:01 AM
    alliance, attack, battle, card, church, combat, cost, damage, day, dead, elite, evil, fan, guard, mage, magic, manual, melee, missile, morale, power, powerful, result, results, royal, rules, skill, stat, statistics, train, training, travis, undead, units, war, wizards
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    Last Post: 01-18-2003 06:26 PM
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  9. Varsks?

    Started by Birthright-L, 12-05-2002 06:09 PM
    animal, animals, azrai, battle, brcs, challenge, cold, cost, costs, credits, doom, edition, feature, free, giant, hide, horse, horses, minor, movement, native, natural, nature, point, points, range, round, size, skill, terrain, travis, varsk, varsks, version, vision, weather, wilder, wizards
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    Last Post: 01-06-2003 04:43 PM
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  10. Newbie question

    Started by Yair, 02-15-2003 10:44 PM
    adventures, Anuire, assassination, atlas, blooded, bloodline, brcs, campaign, cleric, convert, d20, domain, doom, druid, empire, experience, form, fun, giant, goal, group, heirs, hero, king, legend, level, major, minor, new campaign, paladin, players, politics, province, regent, resource, ruins, ruins of empire, rule, run, setting, source, sun, travis, version, wizard
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    Last Post: 02-24-2003 01:25 PM
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  11. What is the Renesance?

    Started by Birthright-L, 12-27-2002 11:20 PM
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    action, ancient, ancients, Anuire, artillery, bastard, board, Brechtür, century, change, claim, coin, combat, damaged, day, empire, fighting, group, gunpowder, income, irdeggman, level, manual, missile, money, page, philosophy, power, production, professional, purpose, race, rebirth, reign, renaissance, return, revive, rise, sea, search, siege, social, society, stag, time, transport, travis, unit, weapon, weapons, wizards
    • Replies: 18
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    Last Post: 12-30-2002 11:07 PM
    by kgauck  Go to last post
  12. Poll: Should irdeggman step down?

    Started by irdeggman, 02-08-2005 01:01 PM
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    asked, asks, atlas, brcs, complete, couple, credit, credits, death, design, document, doom, duane, edition, faq, feedback, flaws, formal, gaming, group, honor, honour, house, irdeggman, leader, native, noble, paladin, path, philosophy, point, poll, project, rare, recent, section, status, step, throw, time, travis, type, typing, version, vote, wiki
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    Last Post: 02-23-2005 10:52 AM
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  13. Chapter 2: Bloodline Saving Throws

    Started by spehar, 02-06-2003 09:44 PM
    abilities, ability, action, balance, bard, blood, blood ability, blooded, bloodline, bloodline score, cast, characters, completely, concern, convert, cost, current, day, diplomacy, divine, ecl, forge, game, heir, level, point, potential, power, save, scions, score, setting, show, simple, spell, suggestion, system, throw, throws, trade, travis, turn, unblooded, usable, version
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 02-07-2003 06:29 PM
    by Ariadne  Go to last post
  14. d20 Birthright Campaign Setting Rulebook

    Started by doom, 01-28-2003 05:37 AM
    andu, atlas, aurel, brcs, campaign, core, craft, d20, deal, design, doom, draft, future, game, lawgiver, poll, priestcraft, project, regency, rulebook, setting, source, travis, version, world
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    Last Post: 01-28-2003 09:51 PM
    by Birthright-L  Go to last post
  15. 3E Birthright???

    Started by TheChamberlain, 11-26-2002 11:01 AM
    benefit, brcs, campaign, care, chapter, community, complete, content, conversion, convert, couple, d20, dead, est, free, goal, group, guess, guys, manual, page, pages, pick, product, project, published, realm, rule, rumours, setting, sleeping, sun, time, travis, turns, upcoming, version, Wizards of the Coast, wotc
    • Replies: 8
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    Last Post: 12-05-2002 04:30 PM
    by Arjan  Go to last post

    Started by zukie, 07-24-2002 10:19 PM
    abilites, abilities, ability, blood, blood abilities, bloodline, bloodline strength, brcs, character, completely, content, conversion, convert, d20, doom, formation, fun, game, generator, group, moment, quality, section, slow, small, strength, travis, version, Wizards of the Coast, wotc, xml
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 10-12-2002 10:05 AM
    by Sarelth  Go to last post
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: 07-15-2002 11:09 AM
    by Ariadne  Go to last post
  17. Bloodtheft

    Started by gav, 03-06-2002 12:25 AM
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    ability, bastard, blood, bloodline, character, commoner, commoners, conversion, convert, dead, dirty, generally, Gorgon, group, head, order, place, player, pour, power, regency, regent, rule, scene, scion, scions, score, slay, system, times, travis, usurp, usurpation, version
    • Replies: 19
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    Last Post: 03-09-2002 12:40 AM
    by blitzmacher  Go to last post
  18. What is official?

    Started by Arch-Sorcerer Gargamel, 12-19-2001 04:56 PM
    accept, accepted, Aduria, art, asked, building, campaign, change, community, core, d20, doom, group, guess, guild, influence, luck, major, member, money, power, project, publication, publish, revise, revised, standard, travis, true, world
    • Replies: 8
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    Last Post: 01-16-2002 07:14 PM
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  19. Re: Racial balance issues in BRCS

    Started by Shade, 02-05-2003 09:56 AM
    5 Pages
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    ability, balance, balanced, bonus, bonuses, brcs, building, change, character, class, conversion, count, craft, damage, diplomacy, doom, feat, feats, forge, head, human, iron, level, lore, mix, nobility, power, powerful, powers, race, save, sea, shadow, ship, shot, skill, suggestion, surprise, trade, travis, utility, version, vision
    • Replies: 47
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    Last Post: 02-09-2003 04:07 AM
    by DanMcSorley  Go to last post
  20. Chapter 1

    Started by ploesch, 08-22-2006 02:54 AM
    background, balance, benefit, benefits, chapter, class, classes, cultural, culture, damage, description, descriptions, discussion, exotic, formation, game, handbook, heir, irdeggman, martial, minor, player, players, power, powerful, skill, skills, travis, utility, warspear, weapon, weapons
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: 08-24-2006 03:22 PM
    by ploesch  Go to last post
  21. Draft 0.0 Court actions

    Started by ConjurerDragon, 02-22-2003 10:50 PM
    ability, action, actions, agitate, bonus, court, domain, draft, espionage, formation, gold, leadership, level, manual, money, morg, muster, province, rare, regent, result, results, rule, scry, size, travis, turn, variant, variation
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 02-22-2003 10:50 PM
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  22. Birthright ADnD

    Started by Landen_Haesri, 03-11-2003 07:28 AM
    3 Pages
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    2nd edition, ability, awards, campaign, change, collection, complete, core, cost, deal, describe, doom, ecl, edition, formation, fun, game, guy, head, history, level, magic, magic items, moment, money, permanent, purpose, rule, rules, setting, skills, srd, time, travis, TSR, types, version, Wizards of the Coast, world
    • Replies: 29
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    Last Post: 07-18-2006 07:00 PM
    by Gortlock  Go to last post
  23. Draft 0.0 Spells

    Started by ConjurerDragon, 02-10-2003 11:07 AM
    abilities, ability, bloodline, cast, casting, character, cleric, cost, draft, gold, golden, level, modification, modifier, moved, movement, piece, prince, realm, save, simple, spell, tighmaevril, travis, wizards
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 02-10-2003 11:07 AM
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