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  1. Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by Galwylin, 10-07-1997 07:27 AM
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    adult, Aebrynis, agenda, alignment, America, andrew, answer, application, assistance, bastard, born, building, Cerilia, character, cut, elves, envision, evil, farming, friend, gheallie, gheallie sidhe, goblinoid, grounds, humans, king, native, nick, paladin, pbem, plan, point, power, purpose, reputation, request, scene, seek, sin, slave, technology, time, village, visit, wars, weak, weapons
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    Last Post: 10-14-1998 12:22 PM
    by Gary V. Foss  Go to last post
  2. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by, 10-07-1998 01:11 AM
    alignment, alliance, answer, application, average, claim, current, diplomacy, elf, elves, evil, friend, gheallie, gheallie sidhe, growth, heir, noble, paladins, pbem, population, race, time, transfer, trend, type, wars
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    Last Post: 10-07-1998 01:11 AM
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  3. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by Kariu, 10-07-1998 02:32 AM
    alignment, area, attacking, changed, dragon, dragon magazine, dwarf, elves, enemy, evil, goblins, group, humans, lawful, magazine, mortal, powers, race, recent, skills, species, time, war
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    Last Post: 10-07-1998 02:32 AM
    by Kariu  Go to last post
  4. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by David Sean Brown, 10-07-1998 02:22 PM
    alignment, area, attacking, changed, dwarf, elves, enemy, evil, goblins, group, humans, lawful, mortal, race, species, war, women
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    Last Post: 10-07-1998 02:22 PM
    by David Sean Brown  Go to last post
  5. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by Kariu, 10-08-1998 02:54 AM
    alignment, area, attacking, bor, born, changed, dwarf, elf, elves, enemy, evil, gheallie, goblins, group, humans, immortal, lawful, pick, race, sea, species, spelling, war, women
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    Last Post: 10-08-1998 02:54 AM
    by Kariu  Go to last post
  6. Humanoid troops

    Started by, 10-08-1998 05:20 AM
    army, battlefield, defensive, evil, gnolls, goblins, group, guess, horde, humanoid, realm, rulebook, rules, troop, troops
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 10-10-1998 03:30 PM
    by Trizt  Go to last post
  7. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by Peter Hodge, 10-08-1998 03:22 PM
    accept, actions, alignment, average, char, completely, dragon, earth, evil, game, lawful, original, place, purpose, rise, scale, society, structure, system, world
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    Last Post: 10-08-1998 03:22 PM
    by Peter Hodge  Go to last post
  8. Alignments

    Started by Spyderz, 10-08-1998 05:47 PM
    alignment, alignments, country, deal, evil, game, generally, heir, lawful, nation, paladin, palladium, point, rpg, run, species, spells, world
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    Last Post: 10-08-1998 05:47 PM
    by Spyderz  Go to last post
  9. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by David Sean Brown, 10-08-1998 09:06 PM
    alignment, bor, born, elf, evil, gheallie, humans, immortal, pick, spelling, war, woman
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    Last Post: 10-08-1998 09:06 PM
    by David Sean Brown  Go to last post
  10. RE: Alignment (Again?!)

    Started by swords, 10-08-1998 09:39 PM
    alignment, bor, born, elf, elves, evil, forest, gheallie, goblinoids, humans, immortal, pick, players, spelling, strength, war
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    Last Post: 10-08-1998 09:39 PM
    by swords  Go to last post
  11. Moral Standards.

    Started by Gary V. Foss, 10-09-1998 02:29 AM
    actions, alignment, attacks, background, cast, character, children, civil, cute, dead, elf, evil, future, guys, hero, historical, holding, human, movie, philosophy, point, reign, shop, shot, status, women, world
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    Last Post: 10-09-1998 02:29 AM
    by Gary V. Foss  Go to last post
  12. Moral Standards.

    Started by Galwylin, 10-09-1997 12:45 PM
    acquire, alignment, answer, attacks, bastard, church, complete, conquer, cover, cute, debate, evil, goblins, history, holding, human, nature, original, player, point, potential, proceed, race, realm, reign, shop, shot, sin, story, territory, true
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,593
    Last Post: 10-11-1998 06:18 PM
    by Tim Nutting  Go to last post
  13. RE: Moral Standards.

    Started by, 10-09-1998 06:17 AM
    acquire, alignment, alignments, answer, application, campaign, church, conquer, cover, discussion, evil, fun, game, goblins, group, historical, history, human, king, modern, moment, players, races, transfer, true, type, world
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    Last Post: 10-09-1998 06:17 AM
    by  Go to last post
  14. Morality is not Relative (was A

    Started by Tim Nutting, 10-09-1998 11:16 AM
    accept, actions, average, code, decision, earth, east, ethics, evil, free, friends, function, ground, honor, laws, philosophy, religion, society, truth
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    Last Post: 10-09-1998 11:16 AM
    by Tim Nutting  Go to last post
  15. Alignment (Again?!) - What is t

    Started by Tim Nutting, 10-11-1998 06:55 PM
    action, alignment, allowed, awnshegh, dead, evil, fighting, formation, game, house, human, lost, manslayer, military, noble, power, race, realm, rising, seperate, skills, throne, version, war, world
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 10-11-1998 06:55 PM
    by Tim Nutting  Go to last post
  16. Nature of good and evil

    Started by BenandAmy, 10-12-1998 05:38 PM
    accepted, balance, care, character, consequences, death, discussion, est, evil, family, goals, god, house, king, major, money, nature, order, philosophy, point, religion, religions, sword, time, true
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,271
    Last Post: 10-15-1998 11:04 PM
    by Kenneth Gauck  Go to last post
  17. RE: Nature of good and evil

    Started by, 10-13-1998 01:01 AM
    alter, application, australia, ccg, diplomacy, evil, fire, goals, heir, nature, order, potential, religion, transfer, true, type, war
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: 10-13-1998 01:01 AM
    by  Go to last post
  18. Gheallie Sidhe and Alignment

    Started by Kenneth Gauck, 10-13-1998 08:23 PM
    adult, alignment, animal, claims, core, custom, dangerous, deal, debate, domains, elves, evil, gheallie, gheallie sidhe, heir, humans, James, land, limited, members, millen, point, power, purpose, realm, ring, survival, system, war
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,925
    Last Post: 10-14-1998 10:56 PM
    by Kenneth Gauck  Go to last post
  19. Shadow Moon? (Was: Ed`s Alternate C

    Started by Morg, 10-14-1998 06:13 PM
    area, azrai, blood, campaign, cold, day, dead, dragon, evil, game, human, king, movie, pbem, power, production, purpose, race, regency, rule, seek, shadow, shield, source, tolkien, undead, version, world
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,114
    Last Post: 10-14-1998 06:13 PM
    by Morg  Go to last post
  20. Shadow Moon? (Was: Ed`s Alterna

    Started by The Olesens, 10-14-1998 07:23 PM
    aglondier, allowed, azrai, battles, campaign, changed, cold, dead, evil, flame, free, handbook, land, moon, order, purpose, ranger, sandbox, seek, shadow, shield, slightly, spy, surprise, terrain, time, translate, travel, undead, world
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,695
    Last Post: 10-16-1998 12:16 AM
    by  Go to last post
  21. Gheallie Sidhe and Alignment

    Started by Trizt, 10-15-1998 10:45 AM
    11 Pages
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    adult, alignment, ambition, America, answer, background, bastard, beauty, board, born, boy, brazil, building, characters, cost, couple, criminal, dealing, describe, discussion, edition, elves, evil, farming, fighting, games, gheallie, gheallie sidhe, grim, grounds, head, humans, leader, native, nick, npcs, page, picture, plan, point, production, purpose, shot, solved, stag, super, supernatural, test, time, true, village, whos, world
    • Replies: 102
    • Views: 7,153
    Last Post: 10-24-1998 09:41 AM
    by Maurizio  Go to last post
  22. Resistance is futile.

    Started by Gary V. Foss, 10-16-1998 10:51 AM
    actions, America, azrai, blood, born, cataclysm, children, churches, completely, couple, dynasty, elves, evil, game, generally, heir, humans, joined, magic, mortals, native, philosophy, point, race, races, rule, shadow, simple, source, women
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,188
    Last Post: 10-16-1998 11:02 PM
    by Kenneth Gauck  Go to last post
  23. Gheallie Sidhe and Alignment OF

    Started by einarh@fagerborg.vgs.n, 10-16-1998 09:33 PM
    2nd, 3rd, alignment, America, armies, change, death, description, Europe, evil, fighting, gheallie, gheallie sidhe, greed, heir, master, nick, scale, technology, traders, tradition, units, unknown, war, world
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,164
    Last Post: 10-19-1998 06:40 PM
    by Trizt  Go to last post
  24. Isn`t this a little ridiculous

    Started by John, 11-30-1997 12:00 AM
    active, board, campaigns, change, conclusion, cut, day, death, debate, effect, elf, elves, evil, folks, friends, gaming, gheallie, guys, human, humans, manslayer, ship, sides, size, tribes
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,496
    Last Post: 10-18-1998 04:50 PM
    by  Go to last post
  25. My Last Word on the GS.

    Started by Tim Nutting, 10-17-1998 08:46 PM
    accept, alignment, board, campaign, change, content, core, culture, debate, elves, evil, fan, fantasy, folks, game, heir, history, human, map, member, place, plane, policy, public, realms, setting
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,593
    Last Post: 10-18-1998 05:01 PM
    by  Go to last post
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