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  1. Cerilia Prints?

    Started by Fizz, 01-23-2020 11:31 PM
    cities, cost, custom, features, including, luck, major, map, maps, midnight, person, prints, request, save, versions, witch
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 6,898
    Last Post: 02-14-2020 02:24 PM
    by Fizz  Go to last post
  2. Birthright Promotion

    Started by Bearcat, 11-30-1997 12:00 AM
    3 Pages
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    application, area, arms, awnshegh, box, brectur, coat, coats, color, describe, family, land, locations, major, map, nations, noble, players, prints, provinces, raven, rule, ruling, sea, showing, sin, size, visit, war
    • Replies: 29
    • Views: 4,034
    Last Post: 02-07-1998 10:38 PM
    by James Ray  Go to last post
  3. Traditiional Ghosts

    Started by Neil Barnes, 02-02-1998 06:00 PM
    abilities, actions, anniversary, area, areas, asks, blooded, bloodline, building, castles, change, death, east, energy, events, generally, ghost, history, houses, lost, manual, move, politics, powers, prints, regular, shadow world, signs, souls
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 2,265
    Last Post: 02-07-1998 03:31 AM
    by c558382@showme.missouri.  Go to last post
  4. NPCs

    Started by Sepsis, 09-22-1997 10:11 PM
    area, asks, brotherhood, city, completely, days, dead, deep, fighting, god, guild, history, human, iron, level, member, minor, place, power, prints, race, return, ruins, strength, temple, time, true, wandering, weapons
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,225
    Last Post: 09-22-1997 10:11 PM
    by Sepsis  Go to last post
  5. Birthright spells

    Started by Sorontar, 05-28-2009 02:56 AM
    actions, artillery, bloodline, bonus, born, campaign, conversion, d20, domain, eberron, holding, intelligence, level, locate, magic, native, noting, point, prints, province, realm, regency, regent, rule, shadow, shield, source, stone, strength, tighmaevril, trade, unit, world
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 5,182
    Last Post: 05-28-2009 02:56 AM
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  6. Chapter one/Character/Elves, Cerilian

    Started by Sorontar, 01-06-2009 11:37 PM
    3rd, adult, azrai, beauty, bonus, brcs, casting, character, class, deep, dexterity, diplomacy, empire, historic, human, leader, level, millen, player, prints, purpose, race, random, rare, realm, regent, reputation, stone, strength, supernatural, technology, tree, version, weapon
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 10,235
    Last Post: 03-14-2015 08:52 PM
    by AndrewTall  Go to last post
  7. Invisibility (Special Ability)

    Started by Arjan, 05-20-2007 10:34 AM
    ability, action, area, character, class, combat, completely, critical, current, d20, dexterity, enemy, feat, generally, holding, locate, player, point, prints, purpose, ranger, running, sneak, speed, spell, stone, weapon, wiki
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,862
    Last Post: 05-20-2007 10:34 AM
    by Arjan  Go to last post
  8. Incorporeality (Special Ability)

    Started by Arjan, 05-20-2007 10:28 AM
    ability, armor, attack, attacks, beings, bonus, category, cold, combat, critical, d20, damage, deal, direction, document, effects, energy, erm, ghost, physical, plane, prints, sneak, source, supernatural, weapons, wiki
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,990
    Last Post: 05-20-2007 10:28 AM
    by Arjan  Go to last post
  9. Track (Feat)

    Started by Arjan, 05-20-2007 09:09 AM
    bonus, category, class, cover, creature, d20, deep, dirty, displaced, document, feat, feats, fields, follow, general, group, law, prints, ranger, size, skill, speed, spell, survival, time, wiki
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,597
    Last Post: 05-20-2007 09:09 AM
    by Arjan  Go to last post
  10. FLUFF- Xvart?

    Started by Daniel McSorley, 07-14-1998 07:36 PM
    2nd, ability, creatures, description, drow, entry, fiend, forge, gencon, James, magic, module, mythology, original, prints, races, range, show, small, stats, super, trivia, type
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,751
    Last Post: 07-16-1998 09:24 AM
    by Morgramen the Magician  Go to last post
  11. Petition

    Started by Simon Graindorge, 07-17-1998 04:59 AM
    art, box, city, decision, dragon, dungeon, fan, feedback, formal, graphic, guess, king, map, market, player, points, prints, project, resurrection, rpg, save, supplement, sword, times, world, wotc
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 2,189
    Last Post: 07-19-1998 03:03 AM
    by Morgramen the Magician  Go to last post
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 6,187
    Last Post: 01-14-2014 12:01 PM
    by Thelandrin  Go to last post
  12. New Map of Cerelia

    Started by aaron smith, 04-20-2013 10:19 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    ability, andu, artist, birthright, building, campaign, Cerilia, change, cities, city, empire, expense, house, http, kingdom, major, map, pbem, photoshop, population, prints, project, province, realm, setting, source, terrain, tribute, wondering
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 7,186
    Last Post: 05-16-2013 09:34 PM
    by AndrewTall  Go to last post
  13. A question of game mechanics.

    Started by Deathknyte, 08-15-2012 01:58 AM
    2 Pages
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    2nd, 2nd edition, 3rd, action, allowed, bloodline, brcs, changed, cost, current, domain, edition, game, game mechanics, giant, gold, gold bar, guild, holder, holding, house, house rule, king, kings, level, luck, master, points, prints, province, rare, regency, regent, reward, rule, ruled, rules, ruling, scenario, state, strength, sun, time, wiki
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 6,821
    Last Post: 08-18-2012 04:19 PM
    by Deathknyte  Go to last post
  14. jpeg file

    Started by, 03-30-1999 09:35 AM
    browser, computer, guess, map, march, original, pages, prints, professional, side, size, south, suggestion
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,104
    Last Post: 04-02-1999 04:50 AM
    by Blastin  Go to last post
  15. Time and Magic

    Started by Gary V. Foss, 10-24-1998 03:25 AM
    3 Pages
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    ability, actions, armor, card, casting, character, couple, day, dead, dragon, effect, feat, intelligence, knight, law, level, magazine, magic, military, plan, pour, powerful, prints, proceed, shot, spell, sphinx, stone, time, true, unit, war, world
    • Replies: 26
    • Views: 5,740
    Last Post: 10-29-1998 12:04 AM
    by Kenneth Gauck  Go to last post
  16. Hey Everyone

    Started by, 07-24-1998 08:50 PM
    2nd, artist, convention, craft, future, gen, guys, king, order, priestcraft, prints, setting, small, szczudlo, time, tony, tony szczudlo, wondering
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,648
    Last Post: 07-25-1998 08:43 AM
    by Morgramen the Magician  Go to last post
  17. Save BR Brainstorm

    Started by The Olesens, 07-23-1998 11:37 AM
    box, city, content, day, dragon, dungeon, effect, feedback, form, friends, gamer, gen, king, magic, pbem, place, prints, product, professional, project, public, resurrection, rpg, save, setting, true, world, worlds
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,596
    Last Post: 07-24-1998 04:29 PM
    by  Go to last post
  18. Getting together at GenCon

    Started by Ed Stark, 07-22-1998 11:04 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    alternity, brand, campaign, coast, council, days, events, gencon, highlight, king, kings, legacy, luck, original, pbem, prints, product, professional, project, regular, rpga, run, running, shadow, shadow world, time, wander, wizards, world
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 3,822
    Last Post: 07-25-1998 06:39 AM
    by Blastin  Go to last post
  19. Pyrokineticist (Prestige Class)

    Started by Arjan, 05-20-2007 12:02 AM
    ability, action, alignment, area, attack, blood, bonus, character, class, craft, d20, death, equipment, feats, features, intelligence, level, magic, point, power, prints, psionics, score, skills, stone, strength, weapon
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,166
    Last Post: 05-20-2007 12:02 AM
    by Arjan  Go to last post
  20. Pass without Trace (Spell)

    Started by Arjan, 03-31-2007 07:14 PM
    cast, category, creature, d20, druid, erm, level, magical, move, prints, race, range, ranger, save, school, sea, spell, srd, standard, terrain, time, type
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,640
    Last Post: 03-31-2007 07:14 PM
    by Arjan  Go to last post
  21. Multiple questions about standard actions

    Started by Grinster, 10-19-2010 09:17 PM
    ability, action, actions, alliance, ambitious, ancient, answer, arts, asks, attack, background, brcs, cast, chapter, character, costs, couple, cover, domain, fighting, formation, game, generic, guilder, holding, holy, invasion, land, leader, magic, mix, money, nobility, original, power, prints, province, public, race, realm, regency, regent, rule, source, spell, true, unit, version, world
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,489
    Last Post: 10-24-2010 12:04 AM
    by Cuchulainshound  Go to last post
  22. Are battle spells overpowered?

    Started by Shade, 02-18-2003 01:30 AM
    3rd, 3rd edition, action, allowed, battlespells, bloodline, bonus, campaign, character, class, commoners, costs, d20, domain, generally, gold, guilder, holy, intelligence, iron, king, land, level, magician, maximum, missile, overpower, pbem, place, player, point, power, prints, province, realm, regent, ruin, rulebook, shot, sneak, spell, spellcasters, throne, trade, unit, version
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,877
    Last Post: 02-19-2003 04:12 PM
    by ConjurerDragon  Go to last post
  23. Chapter 1: Character Races

    Started by jaldaen, 02-06-2003 05:40 AM
    7 Pages
    1 2 3 ... 7
    ability, animal, artist, balanced, blood, bonus, born, campaign, chapter, character, character level, class, classes, convert, craft, current, d20, deal, debate, describe, ecl, elves, feat, features, game, human, intelligence, king, level, mix, modifier, native, nature, nick, noting, order, players, point, power, prints, purpose, race, rare, request, return, rules, score, size, skill, speed, strength, throw, time, turn, Wizards of the Coast
    • Replies: 61
    • Views: 10,727
    Last Post: 02-25-2003 09:01 PM
    by irdeggman  Go to last post
  24. Birthright Product

    Started by Pyotr Tusilov, 09-26-2002 09:59 PM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    action, answer, art, artist, battle, blood, board, box, campaign, convention, cover, current, day, epic, fan, field, formation, game, guy, market, member, members, moment, place, plan, prints, product, raven, setting, show, size, szczudlo, tony, tony szczudlo, tusilov, wizards, wondering, world
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 5,151
    Last Post: 01-23-2003 10:54 AM
    by Asriel  Go to last post
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