The Yikaria or yak-men are minotaur-like humanoids with hairy stout bodies with heads and horns resembling a yak. Some scholars wonder if they were one of Azrai's beast-men but the yikaria actually evolved from an Adurian awnshegh. Their shape was originally the consequence of a blood form, but is now regarded as an inbred nature rather than a blood ability.

The awnshegh (now known as the Forgotten God) fled south to the mountains after the Battle of Deismaar. He was a powerful sorcerer and started gaining power about him. His progeny took on the bovine appearance. Eventually the Yikarian Empire was formed, encompassing eight large provinces when it was at its peak. Each province is governed by one of the Seven Sages - the Mountain Prince, Old Goatbeard, the Little Fox, the Cloud Wizard, the Elder, Mother Millstone, and the Coral Princess.

The bloodline of Azrai runs in the yikaria community, but many are unblooded. Generally, the more powerful a yakman is, the more likely they are blooded. Their only "deity" is the Forgotten God with Mother Millstone as the high priest. The Lotus Emperor is merely their puppet. Yakmen regularly perform elemental-based sacrifices to their god. Slave trading is widespread.


A D&D 3e module exists that could be adapted to be set in any yikarian community. This adventure, "The Temple of Redcliff", has a yakman as a principal villain.

This article was based on Dragon #241. The Roof of the World

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