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The Wizard of Endier is a mysterious wizard who takes care to conceal the various ceremonies of his domain. Designating heirs and succession by investiture is done without public notice, As a result, the people have little idea when one Wizard of Endier selects an heir, or passes their domain to an heir. It is rumoured that the Wizard of Endier has lived for decades and was perhaps the original adviser of Richard Endier, first Baron of Endier.

[top]The Land

A powerful and mysterious wizard based in the city-state of Endier, Caine wrestles with the forces of the Spider for control of the Mebhaighl of the Spiderfell. Although his presence in the Spiderfell does much to contain the power of its Awnshegh master, Caine is rarely seen in the Southern Coast and usually focuses his attention on Endier and the other nations of the Heartlands.


Little is known about Caine and he's very secretive about his past.

If tales are true, he helped Richard Endier in his quest forging to the domain of Endier with counsels and realm magic.

In such scenario, Caine would be more than 200 years old.


He makes his home in the magically-protected wizard's tower known as Falcons' Roost, which is situated in the eastern hills of the province of Endier. What is known is that he has an undisclosed agreement with Guilder Kalien, ruler of the Free City of Endier.

[top]Important Figures

The wizard Caine himself. He makes his home in the tower Falcons' Roost, near the Spiderfell. Indeed, Caine controls many of the sources in the Spiderfell, and seems to be able to travel about those dark woods to maintain those sources without attracting the ire of the mad awnshegh who lives there. Though Caine has only minimal roots in Endier, he makes this land his home and protects it to the best of his ability. Every year, he journeys to the City of Endier and makes a secret report to the regent. He speaks of many things, among them the state of the Spiderfell, the movements of troops around Endier, and the strength of his magic should Endier fall under attack.

Caine appears to be a young, though middle-aged man, perhaps in his late 30s or early 40s. His black hair is peppered with silver, and his sharp, black eyes miss not a single detail, no matter how small.

A quiet, reclusive man, he is fiercely devoted to the protection of the land. There is no way to tell how old he really is, nor the truth of the rumors that he was a contemporary of Richard Endier himself; Caine will not speak of these matters. He does have an almost proprietary interest in Endier and does not look kindly on those who would abuse the land. However, he cannot defend the land by himself, so he expects Guilder Kalien to pay for spells cast in the realm's defense, and to repel any mages who might try to establish a rival source holding in Endier.

Caine cultivates an aura of anger and unpredictability, but to Kalien, he is a caring man, even-tempered and level-headed. The former attitude keeps the riffraff away from his tower and prevents them from disturbing his studies, while the latter keeps him in good standing with Kalien.

[top]Plots and Rumours

Caine has and controls many magic items, even some legendary ones.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Wizard of Endier
Deseirain, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
Laraeth, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)CJS (3)GH (3)Ca (2)
GK (0)
Maesford, Alamie (2/3)CA (1)WIT (2)GK (2)Ca (3)
GK (0)
Traiward, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)GK (3)Ca (2)
GK (0)
Endier, Endier (6/0)GK (6)CJS (3)GK (6)Ca (0)
WIT (3)
Alamsreft, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
AB (0)WIT (0)
Elevesnemiere, Tuornen (2/5)LF (2)MOC (2)PAI (2)Ca (5)
AB (2)
Haesrien, Tuornen (5/0)LF (3)MOC (2)EM (3)Ca (0)
AB (2)WIT (2)LF (2)
MB (0)
Nabhriene, Tuornen (3/2)DA (2)WIT (3)EM (3)Ca (2)
LF (0)MOC (0)PAI (0)
Tuor's Hold, Tuornen (3/2)DA (2)WIT (3)PAI (3)Ca (2)
LF (0)
Abbreviations: CA = Carilon Alam (Alamie); WIT = Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir); MB = Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil); Ca = CaineGK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); CJS = Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); GH = Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); LF = Laela Flaertes (Tuornen); AB = Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); MOC = Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); PAI = Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); EM = Eriene Mierelen (Brosengae, Brosen Royal Guild); DA = Darien Avan (Avanil);

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