This page is about the temple domain of the Winter Witches

You may be looking for the goddess Kriesha, who is also called the Winter Witch.

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Winter Witches


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The people of Grabentod have long given their due to Kriesha, but Delma Nauren and her advisers in the Loyal Union believe that the doctrines and principles of Kriesha better fit the spirit and faith of the Winter Witches than they do Sailor's Home. Chesspola Fröschen has taken control of the faith of Kriesha under the aegis of Winter Witches and hopes to see her domain displace the peace-loving and amiable Sailor's Home.

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Winter Witches
Cooling Bay (4/4)AG (1)WT (2)Ha (3)
DN (2)NW (2)Dr (1)
Abbreviations: WT = Winter Witches (Chesspola Fröschen); AG = Albrecht Graben (Grabentod); DN = Delma Nauren (Loyal Union); NW = The Night Walkers; Dr = The Dragon; Ha = The Hag

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