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[top]Heidi Wiergau

Female Brecht Magician 2


LN Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 12, Con 8, Dex 10, Int 14, Str 8, Wis 8


What Griselda? Marry Eldred? Impossible he is a mere judge! I refuse to have you stoop below a viscount at the worst – and then only if he is wealthy.

I have spoken to Ilse Redbedtehr, she would value the advice of a skilled spell weaver such as yourself, will you not seek to rebuild the life you had before you went a wandering?

A love for tradition and ‘proper behavior’ is a guiding force behind Heidi Wiergau, she married 30 years ago a man chosen by her by her parents, cared for him dutifully and mourned him for the requisite year when he died. She now busies herself with the duties of a noblewoman of Brechtür, she is particularly proud of her tapestries and embroidery.

[top]Victor Wiergau

Male Brecht Wizard 5/ Expert 4/ Scion 1

Major Bloodline of Azrai, 32

LG Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 14, Con 8, Dex 10, Int 17, Str 8, Wis 8

Blood abilities: detect illusion, major resistance (charm), bloodform.


Leave me to my grief; I no longer care for the games of nobles.

No mother, I do not wish to speak of it; your dreams for me are ashes, let them scatter in the winds.

Victor was once the shining hope of the family, the man who would restore their fortunes and likely be a close confident to the Count himself. It was not to be, a few months ago, after years of absence, Victor sailed into Blackgate a changed man; apparently divested of his father’s bloodline he had become a mere shell of his former outgoing self.

Victor refuses to talk about what happened to him on his travels; other than comments about travel amongst the Khinasi, but a blooded noble does not divest himself casually - a bloodline is not some garment to be taken off like a coat, it is the core of a noble’s soul and they are bereft without it. Hans Neblinger has struck up an unlikely friendship with the morose victor due to their apparent shared loss but Victor is often distant even from Hans.

[top]Griselda Wiergau

Female Brecht Magician 3

Minor Bloodline of Brenna

LG Medium Humanoid

Abilities: Cha 12, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 15, Str 10, Wis 12

Blood abilities: detect illusion.


I am near thirty Heidi, long past marriageable age; would you have me become some bitter old maid?

I need Eldred to gain some glory, perform some feat to elevate him in others eyes, I will pay well for you to provide him with such glory…

Victor’s maiden aunt, Griselda, is deeply worried about her nephew. With no other heir she fears that the Count will refuse to accept the morose Victor and the family would vanish from history. She has considered investing Victor with her bloodline, but seeing the devastation caused in Victor by his apparent divestment is ashamed to find that she is terrified by the prospect.

Griselda wears Astrid, a ring passed down the family for centuries said to give second sight. Astrid contains a knight sielshegh of Brenna, said to have been a gift to the barony by Wulf Danig himself before he began collecting such gems to create Brenna’s favor. The ring passed to Griselda after it ceased to recognize Victor thereby proving the loss of his bloodline.

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