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A potent leader of a renegade band of thieving and murdering goblins and gnolls, the White Goblin is worshiped by its followers as a god (just as its great-grandsire, the Spider, has been worshiped for centuries). It is quite powerful, having slain many a minor blooded persons within its short 40 years as a known awnshegh, though its life span is considered to be coming to a close now that the White Goblin is encroaching on the Massenmarch lands of the Swordhawk (whose power is evidently on the rise, with the swiftly fading humanity of the ruthless Karl Bissel).


The White Goblin is a vile beast that barely resembles its former hobgoblin status. It stands a full three feet taller than the average goblin and has double the weight, and has a deathly white pallor -- even its bristle like hair is wan. It possesses the tusks of a boar and razorsharp claws that it uses to shred prey and opponents.




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