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Westwold is a flat rural province within the Burrows. It is mainly a farming community but much of the land to the north on its border with Rheulgard is covered in forests.

[top]The Land

Westwold is the true centre of the the industry of the Burrows. With widespread farming and production centres, this is where the wealth is generated. Many of the businesses are either allied with the major estates or only deal with the local markets. The land is marked by fields marked with stone and wicker fences, hedges and dirt roads.

The forest to the north is used for timber but some landowners want to tame it and add to their estates. There are trade trails north to Beuraben in Rheulgard or west to Erystwyth of the Coulladaraight, but they are not as regularly travelled as those to Sendoure. In fact, with there being no clear border between those lands and the Burrows, the ownership of the lands in the forest are not always agreed upon.


Many of the workers live in small villages on the estates in which they work. The main markets and trading centres are in the three major towns - Jansonsten, Bailey-by-the-Bye and Postingate.


The Fenstone estate



The main regents are:
Other major figures are:
  • Lothar Fenstone, Quintain Councilman of Westwold, a rich landowner
  • , provincial Deacon of the Land's Protectorate
  • , primary agent of Breadfruit North-South
  • , primary agent of Burnlaffen, Childe, and Tallrow
  • , constable of the Artisans and Freeholders agency
  • , well-known sidhelien trader
  • , well-known noble from Sendoure

Major estates have been established, with the landowners gaining power, prestige and reputation.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • ''Bandits to the north" - Is this a crime group or is just someone trying to keep people out of the forest?
  • "Style of Sendoure" -
  • "Trading blows" -

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