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The Western Reaches is a region of Brechtür along the western coast of the Krakennauricht.
The Western Reaches shares a long and significant history with the Wild Lands to the northwest. Consideration of the Western Reaches must always be made with some attention to the Rjurik and humanoid realms here. Nearly all of the Wild Lands plays a very important part in the life and activity of the Western Reaches. The guilders trade with the Rjurik realms of Kvigmar and Hjolvar and the dwarven realm of Khurin-Azur. The goblins of Urga-Zai are a constant menace rivaling the Gorgon's Crown as a source of death and mayhem. When the Brecht of the Western Reaches think of elves, they think of Lluabraight.
The people of the Western Reaches are ethnically a mixture of Brecht, Rjurik, and Anuirean. The Brecht here are a little taller, fairer, and leaner than their Brecht neighbors. The Brecht culture, however, predominates and Rjuirk and Anuirean ways are distinctly foreign.





[top]The Land

Life is hard but rewarding in the Western Reaches. Mining is the primary industry, and all the guilds maintain some tie to the deep mountains of the land. Defense is a major activity as well. The Urga-Zai goblins threaten to sweep down from the Wild Lands every few years and the Gorgon's threats have grown ever more serious in recent years. All the cities of the Western Reaches are fortified and many are built almost entirely out of stone, unlike both their Rjurik and southern Brecht.

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