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The Archprelate, Rhobher Nichaleir watches over the temple's holdings and interests like a hawk. Under his guidance the temple has gained much glory.
Status: Recommended.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

The Western Imperial Temple embraces the Parthenae Doctrine.


The Imperial Temple succeeded the collapse of the Empire and remain unified until the teacher Fitzalan called for reform of the complex rituals and a new emphasis on personal discipline. Once Fitzalan was arrested by the Inquisition of Righteousness and Justice in Aerele, the Imperial Temple split apart with all of the differing on the response to changes in the temple. One of the last to separate from the orthodox position was the Western Imperial Temple.
In Avarien, Onwen Nichaleir argued against strict interpretations and close textual readings of the Book of Laws, and favored a more spiritual temple in which a scholarly explication of the text was not as important as a good understanding of it, and that this was accessible to anyone. With a little prayer and compassion, Haelyn's will could be understood and right action performed without the need for complex rituals, debates, and endless consultations with priests. Living the good life and achieving right conduct was more a question of wanting to do right than it was a question of strict obedience as the Orthodox Imperial Temple argued, or strict discipline as the Northern Imperial Temple argued. The Western Imperial Temple carried the spiritual and open interpretation of Haelyn forward in the south west of Anuire.

[top]Major Centers of Worship



[top]City of Anuire


In Endier a holy order of paladins and fighters, the Knights of Haelyn, helps the army of Guilder Kalien to mantain order and watch for The Spider's activities at the border with Spiderfell.




[top]Tuor's Hold



Map of the Western Temple's Prelatures. Click for a larger versionMap of the Western Temple's Prelatures. Click for a larger version

The domain is ruled by the Archprelate, Rhobher Nichaleir. There are five Prelatures of the Western Imperial Temple (detailed by the white borders on the attached map) being Taeghas, Alamie, Tuornen, Avanil, and the Maesil. The Maesil Prelature includes Endier, the Imperial City, Daulton, Anuire, and Caulnor. The Archprelate may appoint Prelates to other realms as well, but their responsibilities are more diplomatic than administrative.
Beneath the Prelates, each province has its own Legate.

[top]Important NPCs

[top]Pathfinder Domains and Subdomains

If you are using Pathfinder 1st Edition, the Western Imperial Temple grants the following domains and subdomains:
Glory (Heroism, Honor, Hubris), Good (Friendship, Redemption), Law (Archon, Legislation, Loyalty, Tyranny), Nobility (Aristocracy, Leadership), War (Blood, Tactics)

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Western Imperial Temple
Bhaine, Taeghas (6/0)DA (3)DT (4)FS (2)HK (0)
HK (3)RN (2)
Brosien, Taeghas (2/6)DA (1)RN (2)FS (2)HK (6)
Seamist, Taeghas (2/6)DA (1)RN (2)-HK (6)
Wilder's Gorge, Taeghas (1/6)DA (1)RN (1)-HK (6)
AB (0)
Alaroine, Alamie (5/0)CA (4)TC (3)MB (3)-
RN (2)GH (2)
Deseirain, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)RN (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
Maesford, Alamie (2/3)CA (1)RN (2)GK (2)Ca (3)
GK (0)
Sorelies, Alamie (1/4)-RN (1)MB (1)-
Traiward, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)RN (3)GK (3)Ca (2)
Endier (6/0)GK (6)TC (3)GK (6)Ca (0)
RN (3)
Alamsreft, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)FtS (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
DA (0)RN (0)
Haesrien, Tuornen (5/0)LF (3)RN(2)LF (2)Ca (0)
AB (2)FtS (2)EM (3)
MB (0)
Monsedge, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)RN (0)MB (3)Rh (2)
AB (2)FtS (0)
Nabhriene, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)RN (3)EM (3)Ca (2)
AB (0)FtS (0)PAI (0)
Tuor's Hold, Tuornen (3/2)LF (0)RN (3)PAI (3)Ca (2)
DA (2)
Anuire, Avanil (7/0)DA (7)RN (4)PAI (4)HK (0)
TC (3)EM (2)
AV (0)
Avarien, Avanil (3/4)DA (3)RN (3)PAI (3)HK (3)
Bhrein, Avanil (4/1)DA (4)RN (2)EM (2)HK (1)
TC (2)PAI (2)
Caulnor, Avanil (5/0)DA (5)RN (3)PAI (4)HK (0)
TC (2)AV (1)
Daulton, Avanil (5/4)DA (5)TC (3)PAI (3)HK (2)
RN (2)AV (2)
Duriene, Avanil (4/1)DA (4)TC (3)PAI (3)HK (1)
RN (1)EM (1)
Nentril, Avanil (3/4)DA (3)RN (3)PAI (3)HK (4)
Taliern, Avanil (3/4)DA (3)RN (3)PAI (3)
EM (0)HK (4)
Vanilen (3/4)DA (3)RN (3)PAI (3)HK (4)
The Imperial City (10/0)CD (3)RN (3)GK (2)COS (0)
DA (3)MH (2)PAI (2)?
AB (2)FtS (2)ML (1)?
HD (2)TC (1)??
Abbreviations: RN=Rhobher Nichaleir (Western Imperial Temple); DA=Darien Avan (Avanil) HK=Harald Khorien (Taeghas); AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); CA=Carilon Alam (Alamie); GK=Guilder Kalien (Endier Heartlands Outfitters); LF=Laela Flaertes (Tuornen); CD=Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City); DT=Daffyd Tamaere (Peaceful Seas of Nesirie); TC=Temias Coumain (Celestial Jewel of Sarimie); MH=Medhlorie Haensen (Life and Protection of Avanalae); FtS=Fhylie the Sword (Militant Order of Cuiraécen); FS=Facellies Sloere (Taeghan Outfitters); MB=Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil); GH=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); Ca=Caine; Rh=Rhuobhe Manslayer (Rhuobhe).

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