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Wechselfell (or the Vampire's Hold)

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vampires, terror
GB Income:
16 (population 10, 8 law, 5 guild)
RP Income:
30 GB
30 RP
3 units of infantry, 1 unit of cavalry, 1 unit of bats
1: The Vampire's court is infrequent, and gloomy at best.

See Also: Barovia - An alternative version of the Vampire's Hold.


Also known as the Vampire's Hold, Wechselfell is the domain of the Vampire. Fog lingers even at noon on Mid-summers Day, clouds cover the sky and the nights are unnaturally long. The land suffers from the taint of its awnshegh master and the once fertile soil yields less every year, if the Vampire did not slay any who tried to flee, the land would likely have been abandoned long ago.

[top]Life and Society

Terror is a way of life. The Vampire's generals, master merchants, and the priesthood all eagerly seek 'spies', 'traitors', and 'criminals' - so that when the Vampire hungers they can offer someone else in their place. While 'the law' is well known and harshly enforced, bribery is so endemic that only the poor and friendless are ever accused of any crime, much less punished. The people are exceedingly insular, consider outsiders as either the vampire's spies, or sacrifices with which to pay taxes, no one is unhappy however - they have been ordered to be happy and since any sign of misery is punishable by death, the people go through the motions of joy and smile even in the face of continual suffering

[top]The Land

Forests give way to mountains to the north-east and the south-west. The woods have seen little logging and would make a sidhe laugh were they not so foreboding and malefic in character. Rain is common, and fog almost continual.


The Sinister, an awnshegh of dark mist and evil preyed on the people of Wechselfell for centuries. Centuries ago the king of the land sought to rid himself of this terror, and the adventurer Britter Kalt answered his call. 1,100 years ago Kalt slew the Sinister and was overcome by the Curse of Azrai. Since then he has been the Vampire and Wechselfell has become called the Vampire's Hold by all outside its borders.


The Vampire rules utterly. His will is enforced by his three generals, Karl Haasen, Heinricht Vonstaffel, Josef Bellshauf, and the high priest of Alenecht, Gustaf Kremler. Despite, or perhaps because of, the oppressive rule numerous cults to Haelyn, Laerme, and other gods are rife, although frequently of heretical or unorthodox nature. Harder to find but of more import politically, Roe Se'ame of Zimmerhaben, an ex-soldier is slowly training a secret militia with which to strike at the Vampire, and Josef Bladesmith of Ruapacht speaks often of a less brutal way of life and greater focus on scholarship and community.

Kiergard worries about a Vampire attack. The Vampire sees the open, blasted area to the Northwest as the grass on the other side. Britter Kalt might be sending his armies against Raesene's armies if he can control his insanity. Probably at the worst possible time for the Gorgon's lieutenants.

[top]Important Figures

The Vampire, also known as Britter Kalt, (MAw; Ftr 10; Azrai, great, 49) is the unquestioned ruler of the land and consumer of maidens.

Amara the Wizard (FKh, Sor 6; Basaia, minor, 15) is a sorcerer from Sendoure who is looking into claiming a source here.

Threefinger Kall (MHlf, Rog 11; Vorynn, minor, 17) claims to be a refugee from the Burrows who has teamed up with Amara. The two of them challenge the Vampire in small ways.

The three generals are somewhat detailed in the Barovia version of this domain.

[top]Plots and Rumors

The Vicissitude Mountains are said to be rich with ores found nowhere else. Many scholars have sought to investigate these mountains. Few have returned from their excursions.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Wechselfell
Bloodshroud (4/5)Vp (4)Al (2)Vp (3)--
Kr (2)
Landsborough (3/6)Vp (3)Al (2)Vp (1)--
Ruapacht (3/6)Vp (3)Kr (1)Vp (1)--
Abbreviations: Vp=The Vampire (Britter Kalt); AL=Black Church of Alenecht (Gustaf Kremler); Kr=Temple of the White Hand of Kriestal (Karayana Darnov).

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