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Each day, the cry of ?War!? rings out somewhere on the continent. And each night, in council
chambers and war rooms across the land, regents plot their military strategies.

?They say that in Vosgaard, the barbarians hunger for combat and thirst for blood. Get in the way of a
Vos warrior, and you won?t live to take another step. There are these cutthroat fighters called the Rovarsski who ride monstrous beasts that can rip your arm off with one bite. And if their mounts don't
get you first, the warriors will slice your head off with a single blow, then eat your innards. Dekker told me the Rovarsski have been around since the Battle of Lake Laden. And I don?t mean the unit ? I mean the warriors themselves. According to Uncle Eldred, the Rovarsski don?t get old and they don?t get sick and they never get injured in battle. They?re so strong that nothin? can kill ?em. And they?re so tough they can slay you with a look.?
? Kurt Alheim, 12, whispering to his younger brother, Willy, one night when both were supposed to be long asleep

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