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Vos of Mieres



Status: Not available to PCs.

Description: A small church of Belinik borne some years ago in the far land of Mieres.

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Vos of Mieres
Dhalier (1/6)DA (1)VOM (1)AV (1)Mhi (0)
Seaward (4/3)AV (2)
DA (2)
EOM (3)
VOM (1)
AV (4)Mhi (3)
Abbreviations: VOM = Vos of Mieres (Pytor Selenie);AV = Arron Vaumel (Mieres, Straits of Aerele Shipping); EOM = Eloéle of Mieres (Sarae Somellin); Mhi = Mhistecai; DA = Darien Avan (Avanil).

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