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Vos of Mieres


GB Income:
RP Income:

5 GB (mostly donations from pirates)
6 RP


Status: Not available to PCs.
Description: A small church of Belinik borne some years ago in the far land of Mieres.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

Vos of Mieres is the application of Belinik's principles to pirate life: overwhelm, plunder, destroy. The cult of Pyotr Selinie is the state religion with regard to pirates: it is in a Pit of Belinik that contenders for the title of captain challenge each other to death, with the blessing of the god of war for the last one left standing. The cult occasionally blesses pirate ships from the north to return to Rjuvik or east to Yeninskiy, burning coast villages on their journey home.
The cult has very little interest on the mainland: the only purpose for the existence of the farmers, lumberjacks and fishermen of Mieres is to serve as slaves to support the true way, the war at sea.
One of the cult's favorite practices involves sending one or two clerics on a pirate ship, aiming to reach the Southernlands. When pirates land to loot villages, they arrive, bless the destruction, then they stay there, in order to convince the survivors that the only way to survive a violent and brutal world is to be just as violent and brutal - exactly as Belinik teaches.


Pyotr Selenie, its founder, was a member of the One True Church of Voosgard in Yeninskiy, and he often embarked on pirate ships that ransacked the Dragon Coast . Disagreements with the Torst clan forced him to stay on Vos drakkars for more than 5 years, never living in the same province for more than one month; in the meantime he had the opportunity to travel east and discover Anuire, a world of sheeps awaiting only the coming of the wolf. He arrived in Mieres, after a sound defeat in the waters near Ilien; he slowly became the spiritual reference for any occasional Vos pirate who stopped in the colony to bring the looted goods to the West on the black market.
But Mieres quickly proved to be fertile ground for planting his doctrine outside the Vos: a refuge for pirates, criminals and renegades, easy to convince and excite against that society that despises and alienates them.
The expansion of the cult was held back above all by the character of its spiritual Leader: Pyotr is too cynical and fiery a man to approach the palace intrigues and the mafia order that Governor Arron Vaumel, albeit with an iron fist, keeps on island. Furthermore, the inhabitants of Mieres certainly do not welcome a cult that proposes their slavery to pirates and criminals - the governor is already enough.


The Vos of Mieres policy is based on two very simple objectives: to have a cleric in every pirate ship, and to become the reference point for pirate rulers in Anuire. The governor of Albiele Island does not want them on the island, afraid of losing his power as a point of reference for pirates, and this has curbed his plans. The second objective is to start conquering the wild coasts, for example by placing druids in the Erebannien forest and fomenting the elves' hatred against humans - and vice versa. The cult has nothing but contempt for the other cults of Mieres, weak and interested in protecting people useful only as slaves. However, he keeps informers and a point of reference on the Seaward black market, offering himself as a mediator between the parties in the event of compromising loot or kidnapping negotiations.

[top]Important Figures

Pyotr Selenie is the only relevant figure of the cult. He's the leader, as long he's undefeated.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • The conquest of Albiele Island: If the governor is not willing to allow Pyotr and his clerics inside the island, perhaps a group of advetnurers may be hired to change the governor's mind... or change the governor altogether.
  • The conquest of the south: A group of khinasi slavers has set a smuggler's cove in Shadowgreen. The cult is to bless the place for good luck, however this may be the start of something bigger, perhaps the spread of Belinik's word into the weak and dull Southernlands.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Vos of Mieres
Dhalier (1/6)DA (1)VOM (1)AV (1)Mhi (0)
Seaward (4/3)AV (2)
DA (2)
EOM (3)
VOM (1)
AV (4)Mhi (3)
Abbreviations: VOM = Vos of Mieres (Pytor Selenie);AV = Arron Vaumel (Mieres, Straits of Aerele Shipping); EOM = Eloéle of Mieres (Sarae Somellin); Mhi = Mhistecai; DA = Darien Avan (Avanil).

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