The Watch maintains as strong a presence as it can in the semi-civilized province of Vjelthelma, mainly to patrol the long border between the Giantdowns and the Gorgon's Crown. In the history of the realm, no armies have marched from the Gorgon's Crown into the Giantdowns - but the Rjurik do not count too heavily on the Gorgon's respect for tradition.

Most of the Rjurik in Vjelthelma live on great homesteads owned by individual landholders or large, important families. These landowners govern their homesteads as they will, but generally respect the authority of the Watch.

The Emerald Spiral holding here helps the Watch by unifying the Rjurik settlers. They keep the people in a military frame of mind, and the secretive druid Kalla Hogby makes her semi-permanent home here.

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