Thelandrin Dubh is a wandering Sidhelien druid, who shepherds the mebhaighl by wandering from realm to realm and whose Anduiras bloodline is strong enough to start transforming him into a latent ehrshegh - in his case, into his totem animal, that of a panther. As a Sidhelien and a druid, he is able to draw regency from source holdings, despite not being an arcane spellcaster, yet he is unable to draw regency from temple holdings that aren't druidic.
Several centuries old, Thelandrin was active in Suiriene for many years before disappearing into the Rhuannadaraight to continue his transformation.
My detractors say that I am banished from my people's realms and that my very existence is anathema to them. They are wrong. It is true that my chosen profession is often misunderstood and is liable to provoke strong reactions from those who do not know any better.
I am a Sidhelien shepherd of the mebhaighl, or, in your crude human terms, an elven druid. But I am no traitor to my people. I do not worship the New Gods and I do not see them as anything other than the ascended successors to the Old Gods, whose deaths occurred at Mount Deismaar. I pay due respect to Erik as the successor to Reynir, and to Kriesha and Cuiraécen, as other divine aspects of nature, but I do not give them blind faith or endless prayer and I do not draw any magical essence from them. Deismaar may not be living memory amongst my people any more, but the insult given to us by Azrai still burns alive in our minds today.
No. I use an ancient technique, barely known even to my people in its purest form, but which, in its common form, is used by any regent throughout the Cerilian lands. The primal arcane energy that is mebhaighl has many mysteries to share with us, but it takes great dedication, endless study and knowledge of the philosophical thought needed to work the land-magic in such a way. Of course, mebhaighl can be commanded by those fortunate enough to possess a divine bloodline, of which I am proud to say that I do, albeit in a minor fashion, but I am not talking of regents and their sources.
Simply put, those who already have an awareness of and understanding with the land can use the mebhaighl to cast druidic magic without an altogether distasteful and parasitic dependency upon a divine being. Although it is indeed True Magic, it is not granted by those in the heavens, but by the very earth itself. It is not the greater magic practised by those my people quaintly term "god-slaves", it is not the greater magic that blooded wizard regents use and it is also not the very much more harmonious and far less mebhaighl-intensive Sidhelien true magic that my people have developed over the millennia. Indeed, it would take a sharp eye to even discern the difference between the same spell cast by a Sidhelien mage, a druid of Erik and one such as myself.
But that is a discussion for another time. I must be going, but I will say in departing: I have the blood of kings, the earth's magic and the soul of the fey. I consider myself truly blessed.
~ Thelandrin Dubh, Sidhelien druid.

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