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Those who have the Bloodform blood ability will eventually transform into an horrific and powerful being as the divine blood of Azrai takes its toll. These people are known as latent awnsheghlien until they start to transform and as emerging awnsheghlien until they finish their transformation.
The former identity of the person who is becoming the awnshegh known as the Ogre Mage is unknown, but it is rumoured that it is in fact the Ogre Mage who is the governor of Albiele Island.

[top]Becoming the Ogre Mage

The Ogre Mage
Level Attack Fort Ref Will Abilities
0+0+0+0+0Giant (Awnshegh)
Great only
4th+3+4+1+1Great only
8th+6/+1+6+2+2Great only
12th+9/+4+8+4+4Great only
  • Giant (Awnshegh): Upon gaining the bloodform ability, the latent Ogre Mage replaces their former type (and any subtypes) with the Giant (Awnshegh) type and subtype. They also gain lowlight vision and proficiency in light armour and all simple and martial weapons. (Whether or not they access to any previous racial abilities such as Elf Blood is up to the DM.)
  • Hit Dice: d8.
  • Class skills: The class skills for the Ogre Mage shegh levels are Concentration (Con), Disguise (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex) and Spot (Wis).
  • Skill points per level: 2 + Intelligence modifier per shegh level.
  • Major/Great: At this level, the latent awnshegh gains a special ability from the below lists, regardless of the strength of their bloodform.
  • Great only: At this level, only those with bloodform (great) gain a special ability from the below lists.

[top]Special Abilities

As with any awnshegh transformation, the hapless victim will eventually gain both mental and physical abilities, as well as purely cosmetic changes and disadvantageous transformations. When the awnshegh gets a special ability by advancing in Shegh hit dice, they may select one ability from either list. To select an ability with a numeral after it, you must also have selected all preceding abilities.
Physical Abilities
  • Enhanced Physique: The awnshegh gains +2 Str & Dex and his body gains greater muscle definition. His voice changes into that of an ogre's and, although it is perfectly understandable, it sounds like the voice of a monster.
  • Hulking Build I: The awnshegh gains +4 Str, -2 Dex & +2 Con and gains a +1 natural armour bonus to AC (this stacks with pre-existing natural armour). He also gains 40 feet darkvision (this does not stack) and grows approximately two feet taller, becoming much bulkier.
  • Hulking Build II: The awnshegh becomes Large size, gaining a further +4 Str, +2 Con and +1 natural armour bonus to AC, as well as a -1 size penalty to Armour Class and all attack rolls. His darkvision increases to 90 feet, he grows another two feet taller (human height now of 9-10 feet) and becomes even bulkier and giantish.
  • Monstrous Speed: The awnshegh gains +10 feet to his base land speed and gains a supernatural fly speed of 40 feet (good manoeuvrability). He can cease or resume flight as a free action.
  • Ogrish Metabolism I: The awnshegh gains fast healing 2 and +2 Con. The more the awnshegh heals with his blood ability, the less he looks like himself, starting to take on subtle cosmetic traits of the ogre mage final form.
  • Ogrish Metabolism II: The awnshegh's fast healing increases to 5 hp per round and he gains +2 Str. The awnshegh also gains a terrific appetite and must eat twice as much as a normal person of his height and weight.
  • Stealthy I: The awnshegh gains +2 Dex and can sneak attack for +1d6 damage, as if he were had rogue levels equal to his shegh level. All normal restrictions apply. The awnshegh loses excess body fat and becomes somewhat leaner.
  • Stealthy II: The awnshegh gains a further +2 Dex and can now sneak attack for +2d6 damage. All normal restrictions still apply. The awnshegh is now noticeably slimmer than others of his race, but not abnormally so, and weighs quite a bit less.
  • Thick Skin: The awnshegh gains a +3 natural armour bonus to AC. This does not stack with any previous natural armour bonus, except that from Hulking Build. The awnshegh's skin becomes tough and leathery and takes on a light bluish-green hue.

Mental Abilities
  • Deceptive Veil: The awnshegh can use disguise self at will as a supernatural ability, except that he can also appear to be up to one size smaller. As a result of this, the awnshegh's facial features become completely average in all respects, so that people who know him don't recognise him and that people who don't know him would never notice him in a crowd.
  • Mental Acuity I: The awnshegh gains +2 to Int, Wis & Cha, but also suffers -2 Str as his bloodform diverts blood from his heart and muscles to his brain to compensate.
  • Mental Acuity II: The awnshegh gains a further +2 to Int, Wis & Cha, but also suffers -2 Con as the greatly increased neurological activity stresses his nervous system.
  • Spell-like Abilities: The awnshegh gains the ability to use invisibility 3/day and lightning bolt, gaseous form and swift lightning bolt each 1/day, all at caster-level 6th. Whilst gaseous, the awnshegh can fly 40 feet per round with perfect manoeuvrability.

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