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Those who have the Bloodform blood ability will eventually transform into an horrific and powerful being as the divine blood of Azrai takes its toll. These people are known as latent awnsheghlien until they start to transform and as emerging awnsheghlien until they finish their transformation.
It is unknown who the awnshegh known as the Mind Flayer used to be, but the Magian claims that he created them in an experiment to infuse a Vos slave with a portion of his Azrai blood, in an attempt to produce many naturally-blooded officers to serve in his armies. Although the Mind Flayer has noticeably lost the ability to speak, he still refuses to refute these allegations by word or deed.

[top]Becoming the Mind Flayer

The Mind Flayer
Level Attack Fort Ref Will Abilities
0+0+0+0+0Aberration (Awnshegh)
Great only
4th+3+4+1+1Great only
8th+6/+1+6+2+2Great only
  • Aberration (Awnshegh): Upon gaining the bloodform ability, the latent Mind Flayer replaces their former type (and any subtypes) with the Aberration (Awnshegh) type and subtype. They also gain lowlight vision and proficiency in light armour and all simple and martial weapons. (Whether or not they access to any previous racial abilities such as Elf Blood is up to the DM.)
  • Hit Dice: d8.
  • Class skills: The class skills for the Mind Flayer shegh levels are Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Hide (Dex), Knowledge (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex) and Spot (Wis).
  • Skill points per level: 2 + Intelligence modifier per shegh level.
  • Major/Great: At this level, the latent awnshegh gains a special ability from the below lists, regardless of the strength of their bloodform.
  • Great only: At this level, only those with Bloodform (great) gain a special ability from the below lists.

[top]Special Abilities

As with any awnshegh transformation, the hapless victim will eventually gain both mental and physical abilities, as well as purely cosmetic changes and disadvantageous transformations. When the awnshegh gets a special ability by advancing in Shegh hit dice, they may select one ability from either list. To select an ability with a numeral after it, you must also have selected all preceding abilities.
Physical Abilities
  • Tentacles I: The awnshegh's nose withers away and, in its place, two slimy, purple tentacles erupt from their face. They gain +2 Dex as their nervous system upgrades to handle their new appendages and they can now make a natural attack with their tentacles once per round (1d4 damage).
  • Tentacles II: The awnshegh gains a further +2 Dex as two more tentacles erupt from their face around their nasal region. In addition, they also gain a second natural tentacle attack and they can use both tentacles with the same attack bonus as a full attack action.
  • Tentacles III: The awnshegh gains full control over their tentacles, allowing them to make four tentacle attacks (still for 1d4 damage each) each round, all at the same attack bonus (as a full attack). They also gain a +2 Str bonus as their biosystem completely adapts.

Mental Abilities
  • Mental Power I: The awnshegh gains +2 Int, Wis & Cha as their brain enlarges dramatically. However, the increased cognitive and intellectual areas overcrowd the sensory areas of the brain and they lose most of their sense of smell and taste, suffering a -2 penalty on all checks relating to those senses (including Craft: Alchemy).
  • Mental Power II: The awnshegh's cognitive abilities increase further, resulting in another +2 boost to Int, Wis & Cha. Due to excess pressure on their visual processing centres, their vision in bright light is permanently impaired and they now suffer from light sensitivity in any light stronger than torchlight (including sunlight).
  • Mental Power III: The awnshegh's already prodigious mental capabilities increase again, granting a third +2 boost to Int, Wis & Cha. As their cranium grows to accommodate their enormous brain, all their head hair falls out and their tops of their heads become obviously distended. As a part of this gruesome transformation, their ears also slough off and they suffer a -2 penalty to all Listen checks.
  • Psionics I: Gains the following spell-like abilities, each usable 1/round at will ? charm person, detect thoughts, levitate, suggestion. Can also use lesser mindblast (10-ft cone, stunning for 1d4 rounds) as a 2nd-level equivalent supernatural ability 1/round at will.
  • Psionics II: Gains the spell-like ability charm monster instead of charm person and can use plane shift as a spell-like ability 1/round at will. May also use mindblast (60-ft cone, stunning for 2d4 rounds) as a 4th-level equivalent supernatural ability 1/round at will.
  • Telepathy: The awnshegh gains the telepathy special quality out to a range of 10 feet per shegh level. This increase in cerebral activity also grants them +2 Int, but instils in them a superiority complex about "quiet-minds", leading them to scorn spoken communication if at all possible.

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