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[top]Sidhelien Druids

A very simple house rule, but in the unlikely occasion of an elf becoming a druid, they end up in the even more unlikely situation of not drawing regency from Sources and gaining regency from Temples. Thus, I have designed a very simple feat to cover this eventuality.
Shepherd of the Mebhaighl

Pre-requisites: Must be of the Sidhelien race and have at least one Druid class level.

Benefit: The druid gains Knowledge (arcana) as a druid class skill and can gain regency from source holdings, provided that he has sufficient skill ranks to do so, even without the usual requirement of arcane spell-casting.

Drawback: The druid can now only gain regency from temple holdings, provided that he has sufficient skill ranks to do so, if said holdings are dedicated to the druidic faith and the preservation of nature etc. Such holdings will still deplete the source level as usual.


A 12-level adaptation of the 2nd Edition Brecht Guilder, this PC class focusses on skill use, helpful feats and new languages.


When rolling dice to indicate how long it takes to construct a fortification or suchlikes, if the ruler isn't present, I always take a flat roll of 2 (if it's a d4) to indicate that the court is competent and plays safe, without being risky or too innovative. If the ruler is present in the province (spends a character action or happens to be there anyway), I let him roll, if he wants to. Thus it is generally better for a ruler to personally oversee his realm, but it's quite adequate of looking after itself.


As an adjunct to my construction house-rule, instead of troops mustering automatically, they muster at a rate of 2 GB per month passed, thus simulating how long it takes to recruit and train troops. Troops with a cost of 1 GB are mustered that turn. This house-rule is essentially "fire-and-forget", as it still only takes the onecourt action but can take several months to complete.

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