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[top]O' Anuirean

O Anuirean; fitted for slaughter;

thou art light and vain,

thou kicks against Great Haelyn,

thou lifts up thy heel against him.

O Anuirean, the time is come that nothing will satisfy but blood;

yea, yea the time is come that nothing will satisfy but blood.

Thou art making thyself drunken with the blood of the innocent;

he will be avenged of thee, till blood come up to the horse's bridle;

thou art making thyself drunken with the blood of the innocent,

and now he will give thee blood to drink, for thou art unworthy;

for he will be avenged of thee till he is satisfied with thy blood.

Come down ye high and lofty ones and lie in the dust, and repent in sackcloth,

lie low before the Lord, and come and see if by any means there may be a place for repentance found.

Written by Teloft for An example rant by a moralising priest against overly arrogant nobles perhaps.

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