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Sorontar's The Badger

My version of the ehrshegh, "The Badger", is a work-in-progress.

I am not a DM and I don't play D&D 3.5 much, so I am treating this like I am designing my own AD&D 2ed character. My original aim was just to write a biography for the Badger but I found that I had to design the character in order to work out what sort of abilities and limitations he should have. That said, I plan to utilise a few [[BRCS]] approaches to things like ehrshegh development.
I am a bit limited on what I know about the Rjurik Highlands as players don't normally read Player's Secrets :^) So I may get some things wrong in the biography. Please tell me if I do.

Anyway, I hope this proves useful to someone.
Still to be done:
  • decide NWPs
  • equipment
  • decide Blood Abilities
  • expand biography
  • translate better name for the Pine Walkers (probably based on Finnish) and add a page for them
  • typical dialogue (though I don't really know why people think this helps DMs)

[top]Borelas the Badger

Borelas the BadgerBorelas the Badger

Male Rjurik Ranger 7/ Ehrshegh 1
Ex-leader of the Pine Walkers of Valkheim
Minor bloodline of Reynir, 21
NG Medium Humanoid

Languages Rjuven

HP 78 = 38.5 (Ranger) + 4.5 (Ehrshegh) + 35 (Constitution)
AC 8 (leather armour)
Saving Throws Death 10, Wand 12, Petrificiation 11, Breath 12, Spell 13

Speed ??? ft, digging ??? ft
Melee Atk +2 (Str); +4 damage (Str); 3 attacks /2 round normally, 2 attacks /1 round for specialised melee weapons
Ranged attacks/round as given for weapon
THAC0 14; no armour modifiers for wrestling

Abilities Str 18(82), Dex 13, Int 11, Wis 14, Con 18, Cha 8
Weapon Proficiencies: (6 = 4+2 (L3,L6)): Spear (+ specialisation), Broadsword, Long Bow, Quarterstaff, Natural weapon.
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: (7 = 3 + 2 (L3,L6) + 2 (Int)): To pick out of Tracking (Automatic, +2), Survival (req 2 slots, Arctic Woodland), Animal Lore, Hunting, Set Snares, Local geography (Valkheim), Tunneling, Observation, Alertness
Blood abilities: Bloodtrait (Major), Detect Life (minor)
Special Qualities: Rage, Hide in Shadows (43%), Move Silently (55%), Animal Empathy (-3)
Favoured enemy: Orog
Description: Borelas is a sturdy man about 5ft tall. He has just recently begun a transformation into his totem animal: a badger. His face and left arm are the only parts of him that have been affected. Thick black and white hair has started growing giving him a dark 'mask' about his eyes. His ears have grown and extended up like that of the animal. The nails of the left hand have lengthened and hardened and his fingers have started to develop for better digging. He hides these changes under a hooded cloak.
Possessions: Cloak, leather armour, knife, spear, small sack, 10ft rope
Tunneling (Fighter, Dwarf, Gnome Wisdom -2): With this non-weapon proficiency, a character is proficient at digging tunnels through the earth using tools or bare hands. The character is able to analyse an area for the best site to begin digging, taking into consideration factors like the type of soil, the slope, water table and water flow. The need for the hole to be shored up can be automatically determined but a character must perform a proficiency check on the shoring every 100 cubic metres dug. If the check fails, then it is up to the DM to decide when the tunnel will collapse. A character with this proficiency is also skilled in digging and can dig faster than normal.
Typical Dialogue:
Borelas wanders the great northern woods in Rjurik lands, seeking to protect the lands and people from suffering at the hands of awnsheghlien and other rampaging monsters. Even though he is no longer the leader of the Pine Patrol, he still sees it as his role to protect the population of Valkheim and the lands in which he travels. Even so, he is rarely seen amongst communities. He obtains food and supplies through hunting and secretly visiting the farms of those who he considers to be friends. If encountered elsewhere, he is very soft-spoken, being distrustful of strangers to a point.

He has always been fond of the badger. Borelas sees the similarity between their roles as solitary guardians for their community and what he does in his monster hunting. He does not like to take on his prey directly. His preference is to set traps and barriers to hamper and manipulate his target. This requires long periods of surveillance, tracking their movements, observing their habits and planning their downfall.

When Borelas finally confronts his opponent, he is a strong fighter. His training as a forest warden has taught him the importance of developing good fighting skills. His preference is for the spear as he has found it suitable for taking on a wide range of beasts, including those that charge. Over the years he has practised hard on melee fighting with this weapon and is now heavily specialised. However, when pressed or when defending something dear to his heart or cause, he is inclined to get enraged. During such moments, he will use anything on hand as a weapon including his new claws.

His increased bloodline and his familiarity with the earth has given him the ability to sense approaching creatures (Detect Life). For now he can only sense their movement by 'feeling the ground'. He is limited in what he can determine about the creature. In a rough sense, given one round he can determine their type (humanoid, quadraped or else), speed, compass bearing or number (up to 10, up to 100, or more). If the creature does not travel on the ground or is stationary, then he will not sense anything. This ability has helped him hide and track on many occasions.

The development into an ehrshegh is partially out of his control. He is uncertain why the changes are happening, but he is confident that his path is true and so maintains his course. His end form is unknown but Borelas feels that it is all part of his Fate and that much good will come of it.

However, not all that see him feel that same. Like most ehrsheghlien, some see his new form as a sign of evil and treat him as an awnshegh. For this reason, amongst company he is very careful to leave his hood up and his cloak wrapped around his left arm, keeping his changes hidden.

Borelas is not a greatly religious man but being Rjurik, he does give thanks to Erik for the lands he walks and the food he finds there. Most druids respect him and he willingly gives them directions and information on request. While he has no interest in magic and cannot cast ranger spells, he thanks Lirorn for the stars and moon that guide his way during the dark months and the night. He does not feel the same towards Vani for the sun or Eloéle for the places in which he hides and the traps which he sets.

He is very rarely seen with any other races. The elves see him more as an intruder in their forests than a friend. Dwarves are rare in the north, except as traders or servants of the White Witch. Though both Borelas and dwarves share an interest in digging, it is for different objectives and on a different scale. He has only ever seen halflings from a distance on two occasions. Goblins and orogs are always treated as the enemy.

Borelas was born to Gagnir Kirtenson and Svena Hrogrdottir in Eriksgaard, Valkheim. His father was the leader of the Pine Walkers. Svena's father, Hrogr, was the military commander of the Steward of Valkheim and her brother, Vilkan, was second-in-command. When Borelas was born, he was welcomed as part of Hrogr's clan and was well treated by his grandfather.

As Borelas grew up, his love of the wild world quickly became obvious. He would regularly want to take part in any trips amongst the firs, be they short visits to the farms or hunting trips. His father would teach him some of the little tricks he had developed during his years guarding the borders of Hogunmark. It was no surprise when Borelas decided to join the Walkers like his father, and many of his father's family before them.

Over the next fifteen years, Borelas improved his hunting and tracking skills, becoming the one of the best in the Walkers. He learnt every nook and gully in Valkheim and the neighbouring provinces well and mastered the use of the spear against all manner of beasts. He loved accompanying his grandfather on hunts and showing him the many wonderful places in the province. Hrogr was just as pleased by the signs that his clan was blessed with such talent. Indeed, when Gagnir was killed during a large raid by the Blood Skull Barony, Hrogr quickly installed Borelas as the new commander of the Pine Walkers.

But this promotion was also the start of Borelas's "downfall". For there was another who wished to shine in the eyes of Hrogr, and that was Vilkan's eldest son, Sekra. Sekra too had followed his father into the military, becoming an officer in the Steward of Valkheim's forces. However, Sekra was not one for winning renown through his fighting. He prefered to exploit his position in the clan and gain power through bribery and prestige in the Hogunmark social circles. His ultimate aim was to be seen as Hrogr's successor and maybe even become the future Steward of Valkheim. When Vilkan also died at the Blood Skull raid, Hrogr was overlooked for promotion and another soldier took his father's place. Sekra could not see why he, a real soldier, had been ignored yet another of Hrogr's grandchildren, the pretend warrior, Borelas, remained on the command staff of the province.

To add
  • the death of Hrogr. Perhaps shift this to before the promotions would be better.

  • the rivalry between Sekra and Borelas
  • the bloodtheft of the awnshegh
  • the change into the Badger
  • the dismissal

[top]Bloodline history

Borelas Gagnirson
  • Parents: father (Gagnir Kirtenson, Reynir, minor 18), mother (Svena Hrogrdottir, Vorynn, tainted 8)
    • Birth: Reynir, minor 14
    • Animal Affinity: badger (minor) - all life
    • Detect Life (minor) - developed at puberty, seemingly as an extension of Animal affinity. Might need to change name to Feel the Earth or something.

  • Thain (Hrogr Aldesson, Reynir, 28)

  • Awnshegh (???, Azrai, minor ???)
    • Reynir, minor 21
    • Blood Trait (minor) - actually the start of development into Blood Trait (Great) - see below.

I am still debating whether he should have a major or minor bloodline, especially since the bloodline scores & strengths in the Ruins of Empire are divided as follows (ignoring NPC outliers):
range for PC4-16 (4d4)5-30 (5d6)8-48 (8d6)8-64 (8d8)
avg for PC1017.52836
NPC range5-1214-2924-4945-70

[top]Ehrshegh development

Target creature: A hybrid badger humanoid who can change into a Dire Badger/Giant Badger at will and has a connection and control over other badgers in the neighbourhood. The natural abilities of this form are:
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Scent
  • Attack: AD&D 19 (normal) 17 ? (giant), D&D 3.5 +4 claws -1 bite??
  • Natural weapon: mouth (AD&D: 1-3 (normal) 2-6 (giant), D&D 3.5: 1d6+1 (dire))
  • Natural weapon: claws (AD&D: 1-2 (normal) 2-4 (giant), D&D 3.5: 1d4+2 each (dire))
  • Natural armour: furry skin (AD&D: 4 (normal) 2 (giant), D&D 3.5: 16 (+3 Dex, +3 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 13 (dire))
  • Movement: (AD&D) 6, (D&D 3.5) 30 ft. (6 squares)
  • Movement: burrowing (AD&D 3, D&D 3.5 10 ft) and leaving behind a usable tunnel 5 feet in diameter
  • Movement: borrowing and not leaving a tunnel
  • Escape Artist (D&D 3.5): +4 racial bonus
  • Rage (D&D 3.5): +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and ?2 to AC
  • Skills & feats (D&D 3.5): Listen +6, Spot +6, Alertness, Toughness, Track (dire)
  • Abilities (D&D 3.5): Str 14, Dex 17, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10 (dire)
  • Saving throws: (D&D 3.5) Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +4 (dire)
  • "Giant badgers terrorise Basra" (news article)
  • Wikipedia on badgers
  • Steve Jackson\'s Badger Pages

The Dire Badger is 3d8+15 but can expand to 4?9 HD (Large). Using the 3 HD as a benchmark, the 3 levels for the development of the Ehrshegh may be:
  • Lvl 1:
    • Bloodtrait (minor) - The character's body shape starts changing. Where and when the changes occur is not controlled by the individual but the changes are still minor enough to be concealed. No new abilities are gained from the changes.
    • -2 Charisma
    • THACO +1
    • Saving throws - unchanged

  • Lvl 2:
    • Bloodtrait (major) - The character can change components of their body into the target form at will, e.g. limbs, head, hands. This change is voluntary and controlled, but is also semi-permanent. The abilities of the target form can be accessed provided the appropriate part of the body has changed. No tail or whiskers generated.
      • hands - better digging (burrowing, AD&D 1.5, D&D 3.5 5 ft), natural weapons: claws (1d4+2 each)
      • mouth - natural weapon: bite (1d6+1)
      • body - +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -4 Charisma. This does give the character natural regeneration if the modified Consititution is high enough. This is not the same as the similarly named blood ability.
      • nose - Scent
      • ears - for hearing???
      • eyes - Low-Light Vision
      • skin & body hair - -2 Armour Class

    • Animal Affinity (major) - as per the description in the Birthright Rulebook.
    • THACO +1
    • Saving throws: unchanged

  • Lvl 3:
    • Bloodtrait (great) - The hybrid form is complete and is now the permanent preferred form. The character should now be considered a fully formed ehrshegh.
    • Animal Affinity (great) - as per the description in the Birthright Rulebook. The character can transform to and from the hybrid form achieved in Level 2 and the target creature form at will, once per day, for two hours.
    • Berserker Rage??? - as per the barbarian class in AD&D 2nd Ed but without the fatigue and can be ended at will?.
    • Burrowing - When in full target creature form, the character can burrow underground and leave no tunnel behind as per the target creature.
    • Preference for natural weapons
    • -2 Armour Class
    • THACO +1
    • Saving throws - ???

This article is a (Non) Player Character biography page
The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Birthright history or occurrences which are accurate. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

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