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[top]Keeper of the Grove

This Unit consist of a single sentient Earth Elemental, that is summoned via powerful Druid Realm Spell. Keeper of the Grove is strong, huge, resilient, and fearless entity, that can hurl boulders over the battlefield.
Keeper of the Grove (front)

Keeper of the Grove (back)

Note: This Warcard is designed for AD&D 2nd Edition Birthright...
Option: In order to tone down the Keeper of the Grove and to depict its integrity/mass loss when it hurls boulders (its body parts); use this rule; Whenever Keeper of the Grove use its Missile Attack, it suffers one automatic Hit. Change its Missile Attack rating to; Missile: 6 / Missile: 4 (1 Hit) / Missile: 2 (2 Hits).

[top]Keeper of the Grove - Realm Spell

Keeper of the Grove
5th-level Caster
Sphere: Earth (Elemental)
Regency: 5RP / Unit
Gold: 1GB / Unit
Req'd Holding: 1
Duration: 1 Domain Turn
Only Druids of Erik may cast this rare Spell. By calling upon Erik, the Druids call forth the powers of the earth, awakening the Keeper of the Grove.
Only one Unit can be summoned per Holding level, and those Units cannot leave the Province where they were summoned.
One Keeper of the Grove Unit consist of a single huge sentient earth elemental (10HD).
Keeper of the Grove also fortifies the target Holding for the duration of the Spell.

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