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Racial Template by Aleksandar Licul (ShadowMoon)
Sidhe call them Nar?Sidhe, or the Lost Sidhe, though most denizens of Cerilia simply call them Half-Elves. Sidhe consider Half-Elves as their equals, and they welcome their half-brethren into their society, but most non-elves regard them with suspicion reffering to them as bewitched or as changelings.


  • Special: One parent must be Elf; other may be Human (any), Halfling, or Goblin.

[top]Game Rule Information

  • Abilities: Key abilities for a Half-Elf are Dexterity, and Wisdom.
  • Alignment: Any.
  • Hit Dice: d6.
  • Racial Abilities: As per original (non-elven) race. In addition apply this abilities.
  • Elven Blood (Ex): Half-Elf can be considered an elf (fey) for many purposes, including the casting of True Magic, and having Sidhe Heritage Feats. Add creature type Fey, to the existing racial entry.
  • Long Life (Ex): Age as original member of its race (non-elf) till becoming Young Adult, thereafter apply these modifications: Mature +15 years, Middle-aged +30 years, Old +60 years, Ancient +1d12.
  • Infamous reputation (Ex): Elves are infamous for pursuing campaigns against entire races, including gnolls, goblins, and even humans in many regions (including most of Anuire). Half-elves receive ?2 racial penalty to Diplomacy, and Gather Information skill checks, and +2 racial bonus to Intimidate skill checks in areas where they have an infamous reputation.

[top]Class Skills

Half-Elf class skills and the key ability for each skill are: Listen (Wis), Perception (Wis), Seeming (Cha), Search (Int), Speak Language (Sidhelien) (N/A), Spot (Wis), and Survival (Wis).
  • Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + Int modifier) x 4.
  • Skill Points at each additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.

[top]Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Half-Elf racial template.

Level BAB F R W Special
1st+0+0+2+2Sidhe Heritage
  • Weapon and Armour Proficiency: Half-Elf is proficient in all simple weapons, but not with any type of armour or shield.
  • Sidhe Heritage (Ex):

Select Two:
Low-light Vision (Ex): Half-Elf can see twice as far as a human in starlight, torchlight, or other conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail in these conditions.
Sleep Resistance (Ex): +10 racial vs. magic sleep spells and effects, and +2 vs. daze, fatigue, and stun effects.
Complex Mind (Ex): +2 racial vs. Enchantment spells and effects, and +2 racial on Seeming checks.
Fey Perception (Ex): +2 racial vs. Illusion spells and effects, and +2 racial on Perception checks.
Keen Senses (Ex): +1 racial on Listen, Search, and Spot, can take 10 with one of those skills even in stressful situation (Skill must be selected at time when this template is acquired).
Attuned Vitality (Ex): +10 racial saving throw bonus against natural diseases and +2 vs. aging attacks.
Nature Stride (Ex): Half-elf suffers only half penalties for moving through natural thorns, overgrown areas, heavy snow, soft sand, a treacherous mountain or similar natural terrain.
Select one:
Agile: +2 Dex.
Graceful: +2 Cha.
Select one:
Weak: -2 Str.
Frail: -2 Con.


This is based on a Half-Elf from Birthright Campaign Setting (AD&D 2nd), influenced by BRCS, modified for my d20R, and converted to Monster Class Levels (Savage Species system), though I call it a Racial Template in d20R. I wanted to add variety to Half-Elves, so now they have different abilities, depicting them more as rare crossbreeds then a race.
If Half-Elf has a child with a non-elf (even with another Half-Elf), that child will have only Half-Elf basic abilities, but won't be able to take a level of the Half-Elf. And next generation (again with non-elf), will not have any Half-Elf abilities, only available Elven Blood feat at 1st level. Generation after mixing with non-elves will not have any elven traits at all.

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