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[top]Truth and Lies

such sugared things.

the creature sings.

when truths are hidden lies.

answers found

upon middle groung

beneath such darken skies.

truth thy shield

upon battlefield

lest the hero dies.

[top]Song of Glanak Loderr

As promised to the Dwarven Princess, here is the song of Glanak Loderr, Dwarven leader of the Company of the Blade...
There have been Dwarven Kings,

and Warrior Thanes.

But none compare

to the might of Undeath's Bane.

With claws of bone

Death attacks.

But they quickly fall

to the Warrior Glanak.

With blinding fury

and swinging steel

The Gods of death

will quickly kneel.

To Glanak Loderr, Dwarven Hero, and Undeath's Bane...
In Earthen tombs

beneath Fairfax

In the temple of Avani

the Ghouls attack.

The dead are walking

and graves defaced

As Zombies fall

they are fast replaced.

But there they rest

because there they fall.

As the Dwarven Warrior

destroys them all

He is Glanak Loderr, Dwarven Champion, and Undeath's Bane
-Sellenus Arranaseerhinue
Bard of the Blade
Written by Sellenus for

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