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Cerilian dragon age categories

This article is Fan Fiction
The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official Birthright lore or history.
The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

AgeSizeHit DiceACAtt BonusFortRefWillBreath (DC)Fear DCSR
WyrmlingS6d12+6 (45)11 (+1 size)+7+6+5+82d10 (13)??
Very YoungM9d12+9 (67)14 (+3 natural)+10+7+6+94d10 (xx)??
YoungM12d12+24 (102)16 (+6 natural)+14+10+8+126d10 (xx)??
JuvenileL15d12+30 (127)18 (?1 size, +9 natural)+17+11+9+148d10 (xx)??
Young adultL18d12+54 (171)21 (?1 size, +12 natural)+22+14+11+1610d10 (xx)2318
AdultH21d12+84 (220)23 (?2 size, +15 natural)+26+16+12+1812d10 (xx)2519
Mature AdultH24d12+96 (252)26 (?2 size, +18 natural)+30+18+14+2014d10 (xx)2721
OldH27d12+135 (310)29 (?2 size, +21 natural)+34+20+15+2216d10 (xx)2922
Very oldH30d12+180 (375)32 (?2 size, +24 natural)+38+23+17+2518d10 (xx)3224
AncientG33d12+231 (445)33 (?4 size, +27 natural)+40+25+18+2720d10 (xx)3426
WyrmG36d12+288 (522)36 (?4 size, +30 natural)+44+28+20+3022d10 (xx)3728
Great wyrmG39d12+351 (604)39 (?4 size, +33 natural)+48+30+21+3224d10 (xx)3930
AgeSpeedStrDexConIntWisChaSpec. AbilCst lvl
Wyrmling40 ft.; fly 100 ft. (average)111013141615Acid and Fire Immunity?
Very Young40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)131013141615??
Young40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)151015161817?1st
Juvenile40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)171015182019Suggestion3rd
Young adult40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)211017182019DR 5/magic5th
Adult40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)251019202221Feeblemind7th
Mature Adult40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)271019202221DR 10/magic9th
Old40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)291021222423Gaze11th
Very old40 ft.; fly 150 ft. (poor)311023242625DR 15/magic13th
Ancient40 ft.; fly 200 ft. (clumsy)331025262827Geas/Quest15th
Wyrm40 ft.; fly 200 ft. (clumsy)351027283029DR 20/magic17th
Great wyrm40 ft.; fly 200 ft. (clumsy)371029303231Dominate monster19th
Dragons are cute fluffy folk who love to meet new people and chat about current issues. Go cuddle your local dragon today!
OK, despite the funny statement and all, these are entirely true for old and older Cerilian dragons; only speculation tells us that this is how a younger Cerilian dragon would be like.

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