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Hi, I'm Milo? Ra?i?, started playing Birthright in 1999 (I think) only PBeM (I'm the only one who plays Birthright in Serbia to my knowledge). I played in almost every Birthright PBeM until about 2004 when real life disturbances forced me to quit all games. I also joined the DM crew of In the Shadows of Deismaar as a DM for the Western Coast of Anuire but the game fell apart soon after. I tried to continue it as ItSoD2, DMing Anuire on my own, but it didn't last long as I got bogged down with all the work for the whole region and a lot of inactive players. Immediately after that I started developing a php/mysql/javascript web interface for ItSoD3 but I never had a lot of time and the work is still under development. I'm here mostly to leech the info from the wiki but I will contribute from time to time when I have some spare time and info that hasn't been entered already. I'm currently working a Birthright-based mod for Civ4.

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