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Magic seal - fortification receives magic reduction or resistance. Several versions exist per style of the caster, each caster must specify if going magic reduction or resistance unless taking the fourth version of the spell, it may not be changed till the end of each month for 1 RP, 1 GP & only the move between resistance to reduction can be changed (once you select what is protected, it can't be expanded). First is localized version cast as on the fly prevention. An area(20' x 20' per level of a wall/tower/gate) determined by level of the caster receives maximum resistance. Second, all doors, gates, porticullis, draw bridges, gate houses receive one less level than maximum. Third, all towers, gatehouses gates & porticullis receive 2 less than maximum. Fourth, the entire fortification in one contiguous area, no larger than a mile squared or within visual site of tallest structure gains the magic seal, minimum damage reduction & magic resistance of 25%. Further more with the last option, no area of effect spells cast without battlecaster feat will go off inside of the seal's domain.
A seal can be broken if not of the first type. The last style must have a breach physically made in each wall allowing the power to drain away over the course of the month. The second and third styles will fail piece by piece as they are physicall breached sufficiently to allow an enemy unit to occupy them or reduced to complete rubble.
  • I never expanded this one - it was going to have a table detailing something along the lines of damage reduction (25/20/15/5), if spell resistance (35%/28%/20%/10%)

I meant for spell resistance simply to keep the fortification in tact, the damage reduction to protect the infantry inside & upto the limit the fort ensorced.
Anti-Elemental ward - (Cost ? / ?) - protects a single fortification on a contiguous rock bed (thus limiting which fortifications can be protected). Blocks summoned elemental entities, divine creatures accessing elemental attacks etc. Greater blood abilities at a minus -5 to everything & 20% chance any attacks (physical/metaphysical) will fail. Built in two parts, first physical construction paid for by 5GP per level of fort protecting & the spell itself 2GP per level protecting & 5RP per level.
Nefarious Haze - (Cost ? / ?) - obscures distance measurements, artillary can't range in on a fortification. 75% chance of miss and 50% chance reduction of fortification level will fail for greater than level 4 fortifications.
Lightning Rod - (Cost ? / ?) - tower protection that grounds electrical attacks. Chain it too a power storage?
Blessings - Unbelievably pure springs, Caine's magnificant mansion (banquet halls which always over flow - feeding fortification as long as they are within the walls, constitution checks to live if leaving premise & not eating a regular meal...other side effects?)
Statis food storage - prevent from going bad?
Flying fortified guild holdings - (Cost 15GP per level / 15 RP initially - addition per week ? / ?) - Restrict to single class guilder and mage whom is vassalled. Moving provinces drains RP from guilder, mage loses RP as upkeep or becomes grounded. Can land softly on zero power. Cost reduction to move if the item acts as barge in large rivers or at sea, still susceptable to swamping at sea based on construction type, complete submersion cancels spell, rain will not cause the end.
Ritual of the great balance - (Cost: Priceless, RP to fuel) - From antiquity the ceremony which allowed the gorgon's first defeat. Prevents the instant power reduction in any blooded whom touch a null orb. Nul orbs may be moved only by priest/cleric whom finishes rituals of old. Touching one will cause immediate permenant reduction of the blood strength (no less than down to tainted). Holding or touching a second time will turn scion in to a permenant blood grounding, preventing any attempts at them ever regaining their birthright via bloodtheft. Requires five priests of different gods each paying their individual cost. The item once moved negates all blood abilities except those in the procession whom are directly touching the vessel within a 5 mile radius (which can be constructed to no larger than 10x5 feet). Any action to defend oneself breaks the ritual & it must be recast. Any members left touching vessel are not considered to be touching the nul orb. Cost is determined by the level of the nul stone (each level of nul stone reduces one level of blood strength)
sanctum rituals - (? / ?) - A favorite of old...the conscious will of the magic in the land is tapped to dampen all non-domain spells in a certain area. RP bids to pierce, but leave the spell in place?
Moon bridge - (? / ?) - Crossing of wardings via a bridge of silver light. No clouds in sky, allows # units based on phase of the moon.
Warding fence - (? / ?) - create warding with only one side.
Cloud Bridge - (? / ?) - Creates a bridge over rivers or lakes based on the caster's level. Not usable else where, but not dispersable with less than domain spell.
Tradewinds - (? / ?) - A blessing to all sailors and river path finders. Improves returns of a fleets catch & accelators the speed travelled.
Wind's screaming defense - ( ? / ? ) - Province wide winds which mess with weather, spells, air travel susceptable to such. Air warding?
The deepest alliance (? / ?) - the province regent, source regent or druid & priest combine their powers to impose additional costs on domain spells entering, happening or already existing in domain. All spells must be paid the additional amount or fail.

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