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In order to allow for distinguishment between Birthright as it was created and the different needs of groups of players, the Birthright mechanisms for domain play need to have rules that work for two different groups. Hopefully a combination of the rule sets will allow for the game masters to find a happy fit.
Proposed division of rule sets:
  • Basic - Essentially vanilla 2nd Edition Birthright rules without boundaries
  • Tournament - Balanced changes still allowing fufilling game play & provinces to change hands rapidly
  • Enthusiast - Best of the house rules and realism simulating play

Respectively numbered 1 - 3 these rules should be completely seperate from the story line and campaign setting.


  • Vanilla 2nd Edition Spell list
  • Alchemy has no limits
  • Druids cast as priests


Design: Scope is a two year long campaign should allow for the fall of nations.
  • No outright failures or total blocks in spells & actions
  • Standardized Domain Spell costs, durations, balance issues
  • Druids cast off unclaimed source
  • One investiture per turn
  • Point to point ley lines
  • No source based limits per turn
  • Opposed rolls calculated: Caster Level + Spellcraft + RP spent on spell + Additional RP up to holding level for each side.
  • All complete block spells such as disrupt meighbal & shadow block will have a DC to be pierced based on caster level + spellcraft synergy + level of source holding from each caster. Sources routed in on ley lines count as 0 for this purpose.
  • Recalculation of the province & source levels based on +2 from coastal/lake & +1 from large river bonus. The formula for calculating will be Maximum Source - [province level - (Coast+River bonus)], which in every realm will raise by 2 levels, one source holding.
  • Army unit musters are limited to province level & build at the rate determined by variant rule of 1 GB per Law holding.
  • Ley Line links persist after death if there is a designed heir or investiture ceremony
  • Holdings other than source may not exceed 1 RP per level of holding except when defending existing holdings or contesting new holdings being formed.
  • Sieges require the level of fortification to besiege, all extra units over that are able to be used to reduce holding levels or pillage.
  • It is assumed that local or county level structures while loyal to their realm, will under duress discharge their duty to whomever is invested with that province for purposes of the game - within the limits of the province attitude.


  • The name of stability allows raw spell blocking spells without chance of piercing
  • Seasonal considerations for armies
  • All spells are opposed by casting cost + base DC + caster level
  • Use of variant Siege rules
  • Use of variant Spy Networks or close to it.
  • Ley Line's can be drawn from point A to point B & all zones between with sources under control will count as counted till severed anywhere.
  • Spell's maximum number of targets is determined by the level of the holding.
  • Spell's maximum number of targets are also limited by the level of the caster in addition to the holding level.
  • Opposed spell's formula Holding level + Caster Level + Spellcraft for each party. Then whatever base DC stands is added.
  • Provinces under siege split gold as normal per 3rd Edition rules, but regency generates up to the level of the fortification protecting it.
  • Once per year, province ruler may raise levies in a province already occupied per rebellion type rules for such.
  • Proxy roles for all skill checks not related to magic is allowed as long as retainer is paid for the full season (3 rounds).
  • Addition of 2 new domain attitudes: Sullen (-1), Contemptuous (-2), which will be assigned based on a rulers Reputation score(benevolent, strict, brutal) when the province is invested by new regent. Light taxes will improve attitude for Sullen. Agitate & light taxes will improve to neutral the attitude for Contemptuous.
  • Lieutenants have a set regency pool which must be filled or drained from then using ceremony action which the regent & lieutenant are present.
  • Taxes will not automatically flow in from newly conquered provinces, an initial investment representing transplanted personnel, bribes and such to build or oil the local county government of provinces must be paid. The cost will be the level of the province. Regency will remain as normal since the oath chain from noble down to peasant generates the regency.
  • Province attitude will be assigned based on cultural & historical attitude of the conquered province to their new liege, weighted by how the most recent other conquests (no longer than 5 years) where handled by the conquering lord.
  • Decree/Diplomacy for declaring war to move through a province becomes a political nicety not required for armies to enter other countries territory.

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