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  • English language
  • The database punched in assumes all abbreviations will be fully spelled out. Thus dmn_ID will be domain_ID & dmnSp_ID will be domainSpell_ID.
  • ID, NPC & HP will always have both letters capitalized.

[top]Table Naming

x__ - for cross link or pivot tables
md_ - for tables not related to data directly shown in published materials

[top]Field Naming

  • Case: Lower case will be the general rule.
  • The normal conventions of NPC, HP, RP & GP will also be observed & not expanded in the behind the scenes programming.
  • All common fields which can be used generically in two different tables or shown below will also be prefaced by their table name:





For example:
Description -> regent_description, domain_description, province_description etc


These appear in multiple tables:
  • start_province_ID
  • end_province_ID
  • GP_spent
  • RP_spent
  • turn
  • round
  • template
  • is_Allowed
  • is_NPC

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