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  • C/C++ - Experienced
  • PHP - 4: Experiened, 5: Beginner
  • SQL - MSQL7: Intermediate, MYSQL: Beginner
  • Assembly - Intermediate


Generic License: You may use all product with or without credit to me, myself and i. Please mention Birthright should you use my ideas or those which I have in turn repeated. I hope you get rich off it! Really stinking rich!


  • Siege rules - A response to when opposed siege checks would be appropriate in preventing reduction of fortification levels for provinces.

  • Meta Game Theory - Focus of play based on starting, balanced play, or historical accuracy.

  • Domain Spells - Rebalancing spell's duration & cost or ability to be abused/break gameplay.

  • BRCS Web Play - The collaboration project for BR.net's wiki.

  • SQL database for handling Web Play version of BCRS.

  • Q & A with BirMail Users. Mail me if you have a campaign and tell me what you liked & disliked about it! Perhaps if you have an old campaign I can get a copy of your files to check?

  • Random Spells Brainstorming domain spells, vaguely related to sieges


Mek Wars - I joined 2006 and help with modification of code in order to optimize and input for balance changes when required.

Net BattleTech - Campaign ran for MegaMek. Was involved with web code phase of presenting/recording information.

*I'm sure I'll wake up in the morning and regret this ...

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