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[top]My heart weighs heavy

My heart weighs heavy with the burdens of life.

Filled with loneliness and strife.

When she left me, my world fell apart.

Losing her was like losing my heart.

Not one day goes by I don?t think of her.

Each time I do my emotions begin to stir.

I try my best, but nothing on God?s earth can make her stay,

And no caring mother can kiss the hurt away.

I took a walk late last night,

And a vision of her came back into sight.

My mind started drifting to way back when,

And wondering what might have been.

As I stood alone, the tears began to fall.

When she left me I lost it all.

I knelt and left the flowers on her grave, whispering a final goodbye.

As I rose I asked the Lord one more time ? Why?

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