Please note that the following rules are designed and play-tested in accordance to the BRCS 3e book and designed for a non-Cerilia based Birthright play by e-mail campaigned called Bersia.
I have made changes to the following, which can be found below: Armies, Assets, Blood Deities, and Methods of War. I have also added in new Deities and Faiths to the gameplay. Some of them may feel familiar to Cerilian deities, but in actuality, many of them are simply old PC characters from another campaign that elevated themselves to God-hood through years of game play.

[top]Blood Deities

The Blooded Scion Deities of Cerilia did not exist in Bersian history. However, a similar tale has been told through the myths that were passed down to the first lords of the Elven Dominion of a great collision of Good and Evil, that there was once, in eons long before the existence of Humanity, and in the ending chaos of the destruction of these ancient forces, the blood of Deities was spilled upon the lands.
Initially, the Blooded Scions were numbered among the Dragons of Bersia who dominated the world at the time of this cataclysm. However, as time wore on, and as the Dragons slowly thinned in number, their blooded gifts were imparted to the lesser creatures of Bersia through either bloodtheft or by rites of Designation.
The deities which existed at this time are as followed (and their respective Cerilian deities that they take the place of when rolling abilities).
Lucas the Father of Evil (Azrai)
Murdoc the Father of Nature (Reynir)
Rae the Dragon Mother (Basaia)
Aurok the Worlds Warrior (Masela)
Daru the God of Travel (Brenna)
Fee the Dwarf Father (Anduiras)
Vadianna the Elf Mother (Vorynn)

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