I would start druids out as scholars, artists, or Experts for the most part, and nobles for the leaders, and then start taking bard levels along with the levels as scholar and/or artist. When one becomes a proper druid one would begin taking druid levels. However this would require some class re-design. For most circumstances, a scholar/druid works fine, especially if built with the idea that the character spent sometimes functioning as a skald.
KGauck/Silent One
Bards as Divine spellcasters
My own view of characters involves radical multi-classing. One career path for 20 levels, even with normal options of feat, skill, and spell choice seems to me remarkably uniform. What seems more appropriate is the three level and five level classes. One notable exception is the fighter, whose blank slate makes him anything you want him to be. Even so, for Birthright, fighter is a dipping class because of how much of the action takes place away from combat.

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