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Kalisius was a "false god", whose sinister cult arose in the Masetian city of Saria in the years before Deismaar. It is not known whether Kalisius was a demon, an incarnation of Azrai, or merely one of his protégés, or even if he was made up out of whole cloth, but his worship is recorded in ancient Masetian texts held by the Temple of the Ancients in Khourane.

[top]The Cult of Kalisius

Adventure hook


  • Rimanos Saria "the Deranged" (historic Masetian figure) Player's Secrets of Ariya
  • Iagostes High Priest of Kalisius ghost

See Also: TSR 3101 Cities of the Sun adventure Coils of the Serpent, pp. 82 - 88
See Also: TSR 3111 Player's Secrets of Ariya, section Rumors, Plots, & Secrets, Ancient Evil Beneath the City pp. 28 - 29

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