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The following is a list of the the Emperors of Anuire and the years of their reign. The list contains notes on the biggest events of those emperor's lives. It is by no means an exhaustive history of Anuire, but it does provide a bit of background information.

Years of ReignEmperorNotes
10 - 60 HCRoeleBrother of Haelyn, half-brother of Raesene. Roele united Anuire and forged the Anuirean Empire through a campaign of military force and diplomacy. His conquests in the wake of the chaos of post-Deismaar Cerilia brought Rjurik, Brechtur and Basarji under his banner.
Roele rearranged the structure of the militant Andu tribes and houses and created the Anuirean feudal system. Many of the newly founded twelve duchies took their names from their founding patriarchs or from the Andu tribe they descended from.
Roele, Haelyn, and Raesene were descended from the First House of the Andu, their father being the First Lord of the house. The First Lords ruled the area in the vicinity of Avanil and the Imperial City. The House of Roele was founded upon Roele's death in part to deny Raesene any claim to the Iron Throne. Making their ancestral fief of the Imperial Capital, the House of Roele granted the lands around the city to their loyal followers in the Avan familiy, partially to counter to power of the Boeruine family.
60 - 83 HCBoericThe Rjurik lord in Hjalsone, believing the Empire would fall with Roele's death, attempted to rally the Rjurik Highlands into a large scale rebellion against the Anuireans, claimed the title of King of the North and launched an attack into the Duchy of Cariele.
The third house of the Andu, the Mhora, still had not joined the Empire upon the ascension of Boeric Roele. Though the Mhors and the Anuireans were allied, it was not until Boeric took Endira, the Mhor, as his wife that Mhoried joined Anuire as one of the Twelve Duchies.
Using the new route into Rjurik through Mhoried, Boeric defeated the King in the North at the Battle of Sonnelind and executed him.
83-125 HCThendiereChild of Boeric and Endira. Primarily noted for putting down the last of the rebels in Hjalsone. In one of his later acts, he incorporated Hjalsone into Anuire itself, placing an Anuirean lord in control of the realm and encouraging Anuirean settlement. The Emperor also formally renamed the new land as the Barony of Dhoesone, after the Anuirean name for the land.
125 HC - 139 HCAlandalaeThendiere's son.
The power of the Emperors grew under this time at the expense of the vassals. Alandalae marries Lady Caliendre, daughter of the Lord Governor of Suiriene, becoming the first Emperor to marry someone outside Anuire itself.
139 HC-146 HCRegency of Lady CaliendreFrequently courted by the lords of the realm, Caliendre ruled as regent until her son, Brandon, came of age. During this time, Caliendre had an affair with the Chamberlain, Alderic "the Traitor" Dosiere. it was around this time that Raesene forced Markazor into subservience.
146 HC -189 HCBrandon "the Fair"After the new Emperor came to power and Lady Caliendre was discovered to have had an affair with the Chamberlain, Brandon stripped Alderic of his title but allowed him to live in exile. His mother was also allowed to live.
Later in Brandon's reign, Edric Dosiere emerged as the bastard son of Caliendre and Alderic and challenged Alderic's nephew, the new chamberlain, for the title. Raising a mercenary army to his banner, Edric plagued Elinie and Coeranys, attempting to force the empire to recognize him. Edric was finally defeated at the Battle of Hope's Demise where it was discovered that he acted at the behest of the Diabolyk. Edric was slain by the hand of Brandon's son.
189 HC - 211 HCBrandon IIBegan the formation of colonies. He established the Mieres colony as well as several colonies in western Aduria.
Raesene's growing power leads Brandon to send an expedition against Markazor. The ill-fated expedition is defeated at the Siege of Thak Mor Kadan.
In 208, Raesene slays the dragon Raizhadik and takes Kal-Saitharek for himself.
211 HC - 243 HCTalienAfter his elder brother Brandon (who would have been Brandon III) drowned in the Straits of Aerele (many believe his ship was sabotaged by the Diabolyk), Talien ascended to the Throne. Talien attempted the conquest of Vosgaard. The invasion failed.
In 229, Raesene launches a full scale invasion of Anuire, whose armies are sapped by failures in Vosgaard and attacks from northern Rjurik and eastern Basarji. In the bloodiest day since Deismaar, to date, the Gorgon razes the Mhor's castle. His invasion is later repulsed by an imperial army under the Mhor's command on the line of the Maesil. Bevaldrour is built to replace the old fortress.
243 HC - 247 HCAlandalae IILargely forgotten. Talien's grandson. Left no issue. In his reign Raesene, now known as the Gorgon bent Mur-Kilad to his will.
247 HC - 263 HCTalien IIAlandalae's nephew. Largely forgotten. The first of the Gorgon's generational rampages begins, it fails on the slopes of Bevaldrour. Talien grants the Mhor the title "Shield of Anuire."
263 HC - 278 HCCuiraleanSpent most of his reign traveling through the conquered territories in Rjurik, Brechtur, and Basarji with his court. Dies mysteriously in Aftane.
278 HC - 314 HCCuiralean II "the Scholar"Studied extensively. Several of his children attended the College of Sorcery.
314 HC - 338 HCTalien IIICuiralean II's eldest son. The first and only wizard Emperor. He is distrusted by his vassals. It is said that his brother, Alandalae, actually ruled during this time.
338 HC - 351 HCAlandalae IIIFormalized the Anuirean calender. Alandalae forbade future emperors from receiving wizardly training.
351 HC - 390 HCCuiralean III "the Warrior"Alandalae III's son.
  • Brilliant military commander who faced nothing but wars during his reign.
  • Quelled rebellious subjects in Ghieste, Basarji, and Brechtur.
  • Re-organizes the military so that it is better able to supress rebellions and attacks throughout the Empire's far-flung possessions. He names a member of House Roele into overlord positions in Rjurik, Basarji, and Brechtur and bequeths a Sword of Vassalage to each overlord. This tradition is continued throughout the rest of the Empire's history.
  • Tightens Imperial control over the vassals.
390 HC - 406 HCCuiralean IV "the Bewitched"Fell under the spell of a Basarji seductress who tried to use her influence to liberate the Basarji lands.
  • A quiet reign.
  • After Alandalae's death, the Basarji woman fled Anuire and vanished from history.
406 HC - 454 HCCaelanRetaliated against the Vos for raids in Basarji and Brechtur. Though the campaigns failed in gaining new territory, they gave the raiders pause before attacking while Caelan was Emperor.
454 HC - 482 HCAlandalae IVIn the 470s a major rebellion erupted in Massenmarch and Kiergard supported by the Count of Danigau. The Emperor himself lead a massive army into Brechtur and suppressed the rebellion. Except for this rebellion, most of Alandalae's reign was peaceful.
482 HC - 492 HCHadrianLargely forgotten.
492 HC - 540 HCTalien IVIn 502 Raesene the Gorgon attempts another full-scale invasion of Anuire. The first wing of the invasion enters the county of Balteruine in Mhoried and pushes south, marching toward the Maesil. With the Mhor's forces occupied and an Imperial army coming up from Bhalaene the Gorgon launches a second attack. Lead by the Gorgon himself, this army enters Mhoried and heads for the true objective: Caerlinien in Cariele. Had the Gorgon been successful, he would have cut off the only land route into the Empire's northern possessions. However, the Gorgon's army is unable to force through the Mheallviene pass and his army is cut to shreds with the assistance of the elves of Tuarhievel. The Gorgon and the remains of his army retreat back to Markazor. The Gorgon's southern army is defeated in the Battle of Cwlldon.
  • The Empire is at the height of its power. The monarchy wields unprecedented control over the vassals. The Imperial borders are at their greatest extent and the interior of the Empire is marked by peace and prosperity following the Gorgon's failed invasion.
  • Despite repeated attempts, Talien IV does not produce a son until late in life. Talien dies before his son comes of age.
540 HC - 548 HCRegency of Arlen RoeleArlen is Talien's brother. He holds the Iron Throne until Talien's son, Brandon, comes of age. He dies shortly after relinquishing the Throne.
  • Talien IV's third wife, Ashara, produces three daughters, and finally gives birth to a son near the end of Talien IV's reign.
540 HC - 599 HCBrandon IIIThough he was crowned emperor upon the death of his father in 540 HC, Brandon did not reach majority until 548 HC, when he began to govern in earnest.
  • Ruling for an exceptionally long time, several of his children were dead before he was.
  • The prosperity of Talien IV continued under Brandon.
599 HC - 603 HCBrandon IVAn old man when he ascended to the throne, Brandon IV died after only four years of power.
603 HC - 619 HCHadrian IIBrandon IV's son. Largely forgotten. Left no issue.
619 HC - 627 HCArlenBrandon III's eldest nephew. Peaceful and uneventful reign.
627 HC - 629 HCBryndonBrydon is slain after two years on the throne by Veladan, a man claiming to be descended from Cuiralean IV and his Basarji mistress. Brydon was killed by assassins in the throne room of the Duke of Ghieste.
629 HC - 648 HCThendiere IIThe Duke of Ghieste raises his swords in rebellion and sails a vast fleet down the Maesil River toward the Imperial City. In the Battle of the Maesil, the Imperial forces are able to hold off the Ghieste navy long enough for the rest of the Imperial navy as well as fleets from vassals to arrive. In a spectacular naval battle, the Ghieste navy is sunk to a ship. The Duke of Ghieste drowns and Veladan is captured and executed. The new Emperor elevates Duke Ghieste's cousin, another Ghieste and general of Anuirean forces in Muden, to the position of Duke of Ghieste.
  • Thendiere built the Imperial Army to its largest size.
  • A man who enjoyed life, he drank himself into an early grave.
648 HC - 681 HCGarlan "the Dragon"Rarely ever in court, Garlan took on the most militant and restless pieces of his father's nature. Ever campaigning or sometimes even adventuring throughout Anuire and beyond, he was beloved of the common folk. However, while he was out of the Capital, his brother and a cabal of courtiers and nobles actually ran the Empire.
  • Perceiving weakness in the Empire, the Gorgon attacks in 651 HC and is repulsed in Elinie at the Battle of Mholien, thanks largely to Thendiere's efforts and the leadership of Garlan.
  • Rumor has it that the ambush which killed Garlan was orchestrated by his brother.
681 HC - 701 HCBryndon IIGarlan's son.
  • Again, Garlan's brother, Aemon, having established so much power, rules in all but name.
  • Rumors whisper that Aemon was a powerful wizard.
701 HC - 719 HCShaeneLargely peaceful and uneventful reign.
719 HC - 754 HCGalienLargely peacful and uneventful reign.
754 HC - 762 HCTalien VGalien's nephew. Uneventful reign.
762 HC - 784 HCAlandalae VThe ever ambitious Alandalae is best known for plunging the Empire into war during the Basarji Revolution. Ever a spoiled brat of a child, Alandalae dreamed of one day becoming the greatest Emperor since Roele. Almost immediatly upon taking the throne, Alandalae ordered a campaign be waged to finally bring the eastern third of the Basarji lands under Anuirean control. As is well documented, this would start the Basarji Revolution, which would drag on for twenty long years.
  • After twenty years of war, Alandalae decided he would lead an army into the Sun Coast himself. He called his banners and marched at the head of an imperial army. He placed his nephew, Caercuillen, in charge of the naval fleet that was to break the back of the Basarji fleet. As is well documented, the skill of the Basarji leader, El-Arrasi, defeated the Anuirean fleet. El-Arrasi captured Caercuillen.

  • Later, El-Arrasi met the Emperor's army with one of his own. Luring the reckless Emperor and his imperial guard away from the main Anuirean army into an ambush at the Battle of Kings, El-Arrasi personally killed Alandalae. Rather than killing Caercuillen, the only male scion of the Roele bloodline at the time, El-Arrasi allowed Caercuillen to go free and claim the Iron Throne in exchange for Basarji independence. Caercuillen, vastly impressed by El-Arrasi's honor, agreed. By the Treaty of Masetiele, the Anuirean Empire relinquished its hold over the Basarji states except for Suiriene.
784 HC - 814 HCCaercuillenAscended to the Iron Throne upon the death of Alandalae. He and El-Arrasi became fast friends.
  • Following the Basarji independence, other conquered peoples staged massive rebellions against the Anuirean Empire. This wave of rebellions, particularly bloodly in Brechtur, greatly sapped the Empire's strength.

  • The most notable rebellion was that of Eldracht Hoffstugart of Muden. Raising nearly all of eastern Brechtur to his banner, he failed only when he arrogantly tried to recruit the aid of the dragon Tarazin the Grey. Eldracht met his death at the dragon's hands in 812 HC. Despite his death, Eldracht succeeded in winning some power within the Empire for the Brechts.

  • Despite his strength as an Emperor and his generally likable personality, Caercuillen was unable to make peace with and between his quarrelsome vassals, who had gained large amounts of power while Alandalae was consumed with visions of glory.

  • Historians and scholars generally agree that the golden age of Anuire ended and the decline of the Empire began with the reign of Alandalae V and continued under the reign of successive Emperors, despite Caercuillen's best efforts.
814 HC - 830 HCGalien IIFeuded constantly with vassals. Galien died at an early age due to stress.
830 HC - 855 HCGalien III "the Cursed"Plagued by disasters throughout his rule. A blight spread across the Anuirean farmlands and the Imperial Armies were spread thin by rebellions throughout Cerilia.
855 HC - 872 HCToreleTorele would wed his sister to the Archduke of Boeruine.
  • Largely uneventful reign.
870 HC - 872 HCArlen IIArlen ascended the to the Throne as a child. Always sickly, he died after only two years on the Iron Throne.
872 HC - 908 HCShaene IIArlen's twin brother. Came to power at age 11. "Shaene learned too late that his brother had died of poisons administered by the deadly awnshegh assassin Daryn Theros, now knowns as the Diabolyk. At the moment of Shaene's coronation, the Diabolyk revealed himself and slaughtered a number of guards. However, his plan of gaining the Iron Throne was stopped by the will of the child-emperor. The State Crown's sielshegh gems flared brightly as Shaene drue upon their power and called on the blood abilities courage and divine wrath. He commanded the Diabolyk to leave. The awnshegh laughed- until it met Shaene's eyesand fled for its life. It is said that the Diabolyk thereafter feared only two things: the Gorgon and his Imperial Majesty Shaene Roele II of Anuire." -Book of Magecraft, pg. 79
  • Died in a hunting accident.
908 HC - 912 HCRegency of Lady MiereleHadrian's mother. Held the regency until Hadrian came of age.
920 HC - 951 HCHadrian IVOnly child of Shaene II.
  • During Hadrian's rule, control over the conquered people continued to deteriorate. The majority of the Brecht states within the Empire gained "Free State" status and shared power with their Anuirean overlords.
  • Hadrian fathered seven daughters and only one son; Michael.
951 HC - 973 HCMichael
  • Michael's reign was troubled by the War of Succession, in which Arwyn, Archduke of Boeruine, attempted to sieze the Iron Throne upon the death of Emperor Hadrian IV. Michael had to fight tooth and nail to get the majority of his vassals to back him against the Archduke. Arwyn was finally defeated after eight years of war at the Battle of Sorrow Field.
  • Michael Roele marched the Army of Anuire to very gates of Battlewaite to do battle with the Gorgon after he blamed the awnshegh for the death of his wife, Faelina of Aerenwe. There, he was slain by Raesene. The Anuireans, defeated at the Battle of the Valley of Shadow, fled broken and confused from the field. The Empire lost over twenty counts, five barons, and four dukes in the battle.
  • Michael left no issue.
  • Therein ends the line of Roele and begins a period of civil war.

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