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Using the Eberron Races in Eberron would seem to be quite a departure. But each of the races can be put in Birthright without little problem. That is, if you would like to know how they would fit.
The WARFORGED: The Warforged are built using magic. Since True Magic didn't exist for humans before Mount Diesmaar, the Warforged race wouldn't exist until later. Sometime, during the Anuirean Empire's height, Warforged might be produced in the Anuirean colonies in Aduria. Warforged have living souls, so it's possible that they will also be blooded.
The Warforged would be built using ghosts from the Shadow World instead of the Spirit World.
The Kalashtar: The Kalashtar would be among the tribes that fled Azrai to Cerilia. Especially among the Andu and the Vos; since both Anduiras and Vorynn would take an interest. In Eberron, the Kalashtar are a marriage of spirits from Dal Quor -- the World of Dreams, with humankind. Taking the non-psionics option, the Kalashtar would be a rare human with access to True Magic before Diesmaar. If one would like, a small community of them exists in an Anuirean Colony of Aduria.
Shifters: Shifters are descended from Lycanthropes, who would be humans that were corrupted by Azrai initially. The few shifters in Cerilia before Deismaar would be persecuted and some of them joined Raesene Andu's ranks. After the Anuirean Empire, people often confuse them with being an Ershegh or an Awnshegh. Whatever the case, they would be persecuted themselves. Shifters might band together to form a realm of their own, away from Anuire and most likely in Rjurik or Vosgaard.
Changelings: Descended from doppleganger/human unions, the Changelings would also come up from Aduria. Changeling regents would be rare, if any. They could be found anywhere and most just pass as human or Sidhe.

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