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Female Anuirean? Bard 1 Awnshegh 8; CR 9:

Lineage of minor nobility (usually)

Minor Bloodline of Azrai, 27

NE Augmented Medium Humanoid

VP/WP 30/12

Init +0

Languages Anuirean, Brecht, Goblin, Khinasi, Rjurik

AC , touch , flatfooted

Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft

Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)

Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)

Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 21



Special Qualities: Bloodform (Major), Charm Aura (Great), Long Life (Great), Persuasion (Major)

Description: Flawlessly beautiful, the Succubus looks like whatever she desires, changing her hair color and length, skin tone, facial features and so on at whim to suit the desires of her paramour, typically 90-120 lbs

Possessions: The Succubus has no significant magical items, but usually has significant wealth which she spends like water - there is always a man out there with more.

Italicize feats and abilities followed by a brief description
Typical Dialogue:

Why, hello there handsome
But I want it! Darling, don?t you love me? Give it to me - please?
The Succubus reinvents her biography every time she moves on from an old paramour, typically claiming to be the offspring of a minor noble a long way away.


The Succubus has no special combat abilities beyond her magic and blood abilities.


The Succubus has reinvented herself so many times she no longer recalls where she was truly from. The tales of seers suggest that she was born several centuries ago in penury, charmed the local sheriff as her protector, left him for the mayor when she had made herself presentable, then seduced the local prince, moving up the social ladder with each paramour. Over the centuries she has gone from paramour to paramour, been mistress to the emperor of Anuire and thrall of a goblin chief, the Succubus cared for none of them after the first few months and inevitably moved on when she grew bored, or her spendthrift ways ruined them..
Inevitably her short sightedness or vindictive nature saw her unmasked (generally by a grieving child of her paramour) or otherwise driven out.


Whatever form she takes the Succubus is always astoundingly beautiful, graceful and fragrant. Those who truly know the Succubus can recognize her by the golden tint to her eyes which are the same whatever form she takes.
The succubus always wears the finest, most stylish clothes that she can, generally drips with jewelery and has a retinue of servants.


Few awnshegh rival the Succubus for laziness, or petty interests. The Succubus needs to be pampered and adored in the way that more energetic awnshegh need to rampage and slaughter. The Succubus has a jackdaw mentality, being far more interested in fine clothes, jewelery and wines than in the gaining of real power. While far from dim, the Succubus has little real empathy, common sense or self restraint and is thus often the architect of her own misfortune.
The Succubus flees combat at the first available opportunity. Her preferred way to fight is to charm some brawny fool to fight on her behalf and watch from a distance to let her flee if her champion falls.
The Succubus is more than a little vindictive and is quite petty. She has ordered enemies ? often simply girls that her paramour glanced at for a moment too long ? entombed alive or flogged to death on some trumped up charge without a qualm.


The Succubus is not an Awnshegh with grand plans or suchlike. Rather she simply wants to live a life of idle luxury and splendor. Every now and then someone (generally a female rival) draws her ire and the Succubus will plot some elaborate (and likely excessive) revenge, or she will become infatuated with a youth and plot his seduction ? or ruin if he spurns her. Otherwise she simply drifts through life, passing from paramour to paramour as they grow old or bore her.


The Succubus almost inevitably has a charmed paramour who sees to her every whim. This paramour will always be the most important person available in the region, giving the Succubus access to the paramour?s guards and other minions. The Succubus frequently seduces some of these minions to make them personally loyal to her, or simply to pass the time.


1+1 chasuccubi charm I
2+1 chaalter self at will
3+1 dexsuccubi charm II
4+1 chalegend lore
5+1 chasuccubi charm III
6+1 dexaid paramour
7+1 chaDrain life
8+1 chaSuccubi charm IV
D4 hit dice. 2 skill points. Good reflex saves. Mage BAB.

[top]Succubi powers

[top]Succubi Charm

By touch the Succubus can attempt to charm a victim. A moment?s touch permits a standard charm as if the spell was cast. If the power is used over the course of a full minute the DC of the charm increases by 10. The duration of the charm is 1 hour per level, but even after the effect ends the Succubi is remembered positively unless they acted badly towards the charmed victim.
A Succubi of L3 casts a far more powerful charm, the DC to avoid the charm increases by 5, and if charmed the victim becomes fanatically loving and loyal (within the bounds of their personality). Former friendships are forgotten instantly if the friends speak or act against the Succubi without some overwhelming evidence. The duration increases to 1 day per level, and after the effect ends only strong evidence of past transgressions or terrible acts will prevent the Succubi being well remembered.
A Succubi of L5 casts a more powerful charm yet. The DC increases by another 5, and past loyalties are completely forgotten if the Succubi so wishes. Even clear evidence is ignored if it tarnishes the Succubi, and even the most ill tempered selfish victim becomes loving and submissive to the Succubi. The charm now lasts 1 week per level.
A Succubi of L7 effectively casts domination, their charm is so strong. Even after the duration of 1 week per level the victim remains permanently charmed, further the victim pines if the Succubi is away from them losing 1 ability point per day after 1 day per point of wisdom until reduced to half their original scores. Only some blessed event such as the kiss of a nymph can break the char and restore the victim?s health at this point.
It should be noted that the victim loves the Succubi ? not necessarily her allies, and certainly not any other paramour. Victims prone to jealousy or pride may well attack rivals for the Succubi?s affection regardless of the Succubi?s wishes?

[top]Alter Self

The Succubi can change its appearance at whim, this does not however allow it to grow extra limbs, fly, etc ? the changes are purely of a cosmetic nature. They are however ?the natural form? of the Succubi as soon as they are selected and neither an illusion nor an ?altered form?.

[top]Legend Lore

By touch the Succubi can read a victim, learning one fact about them per round. The victim gets a wisdom save (vs DC 20+the Succubi?s charisma modifier+plus their Succubi level) to avoid the revelation.

[top]Aid paramour

By touch the Succubi can empower the being with unnatural fervour, effectively casting bull?s strength, cat?s grace, bear?s endurance, eagle?s splendour, fox?s cunning, or owl?s wisdom, all with the duration of 1 hour per Succubi level. Each use doubles as the charm ability of the Succubus.

[top]Drain life

After an hour?s continual touch, the Succubi can drain some of the victim?s life-force. The roll is d20+charisma modifier + succubi level vs DC 15 (drain 1d6 regency or 1d100 xp or 1d3 skill points in a specific skill ? to a maximum of her victim?s score); DC 20 (drain a hit point) or DC 25 (drain an ability point); all DCs increase by the victims will modifier. The stolen points are retained by the Succubi unless dispelled by some means left to the DMs discretion (xp gains are permanent).

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