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Upper Anuire Traders

Guildmaster Gaelin Thuried
Not recommended

Plutocratic Monarchy

GB Income:
18 GB (Guild, counting Thurazor), 0.6 GB (Law)

Court (4GB)


The UAT is an evil guild domain situated in the north of Anuire, one of the few guilds to trade heavily with goblins the merchants of the Upper Anuire Traders have poor reputations, few qualms about ignoring restrictive laws, and no interest in protecting the land - the members of the guild are out to gain personal wealth today and the needs of future generations be damned.

[top]Commerce and Production

The Upper Anuire Traders have widespread logging, trapping operations in the north of Anuire and some small mining operations and farms. It is rumoured that they deal in more exotic goods banned by various nobles or faiths, a few people even suspect that they oversee elements of the slave trade in the goblin lands.

[top]Centers of Trade

The Upper Anuire Traders is a sprawling guild found in Dhoesone, Thurazor, Mhoried and Boeruine, the guild has tried to expand into Talinie on several occasions but the degeneration of its guildmaster has halted such attempts of late.


The guild was formed from several smaller costers a generation ago by Gaelin Thuried and a coterie of close friends. Ambitious and lacking any moral restraints the guild gained significant influence in Thurazor, and then used this wealth to move into Boeruine. Baroness Fhiele Dhoesone's deal with Thurazor gave them a way to expand into Dhoesone and marriage brought holdings in Mhoried. The once rapid growth of the guild has slowed as it has grown and near stopped of late. Some people wonder if it will survive the passing of Thuried.


As Gaelin Thuried degenerates into gluttony the guild is slowly separating into separate entities centered in Boeruine, Mhoried and Thurazor. Gaelin, and for that matter many of the 'inner circle' of the guild have grown greedy and fat as they have aged and increasingly they are interested more in their personal pleasures than in strengthening the guild.

[top]Important Figures

Gaelin Thuried, the guildmaster was once the undisputed head of the guild. With his descent deeper into decadence every guild house and trading post increasingly favors itself master of its own destiny.

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Upper Anuire Traders
Bevaldruor, Mhoried (6/3)Mh (4)HA (3)ML (5)Rg (3)
MOC (3)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Byrnnor, Mhoried (4/1)Mh (3)HA (2)ML (3)Rg (1)
OA (2)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Tenarien, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (3)OA (3)GTh (3)SM (2)
GT (0)HA (0)ML (0)Rg (0)
Torien's Watch, Mhoried (3/6)Mh (2)OA (3)GTh (3)Rg (6)
Winoene, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (3)HA (3)GTh (3)Rg (2)
ML (0)
Giant's Fastness, Dhoesone (1/5)Gth (1)HBT (1)Gth (1)DD (5)
FD (0)
Soniele, Dhoesone (1/6)Gth (1)OA (1)Gth (1)DD (6)
FD (0)
Dhalaese, Boeruine (3/4)AB (3)LB (3)GTh (3)AI (4)
TD (0)Bor (0)
Nietier, Boeruine (3/4)AB (3)LB (3)GTh (3)AI (4)
Rivien, Boeruine (6/1)AB (6)TD (6)Bor (5)AI (1)
GTh (1)
Falling Timber, Thurazor* (4/3)TG (4)GTr (3)AD (2)EO (3)
AD (0)HTC (1)GTh (2)
Mergarrote, Thurazor* (4/3)TG (3)GTr (3)AD (1)EO(3)
AD (0)HTC (1)GTh (2)
Storm's Release, Thurazor* (3/4)TG (2)GTr (3)GTh (3)EO (4)
Abbreviations: GTh=Gaelin Thuried (Upper Anuire Traders); AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); AD=Adaere Doneim (Northern Imports and Exports); AI=Arlen Innis (Mage of Boeruine); Bor=Arien Borthein (Boeruine Trading Guild); DD=Daeric Dhoesone; EO = Eyeless One; FD=Fhiele Dhoesone (Dhoesone); GT=Gavin Tael (Ghoere); GTr = Goblin's Triumph (Kral Two-toes); HA=Haelyn's Aegis (Antia Maricoere); HBT=James Ardannt (Haelyn's Bastion of Truth); HTC = Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen: LB=Linnias Baccaere (Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen); Mh=Daeric Mhoried (Mhoried); ML=Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers); MOC=Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); OA=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); Rg=Regien; TD=Thuriene Donalls (Northern Imperial Temple); TG = Tie'skar Gretcher (Thurazor);
  • Note: in Ruins of Empire, the Holding Levels for Thurazor are unknown. This is one domain the DM is allowed to play with the holding levels. The values are suggested as of last report.

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