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Lussina, they called her. The Dark Queen. She held my spirit in terror and my son in thrall. Yet the more I think about her in the years since my near-death at her hands, the more she reminds me of a rebellious adolescent in an eternal temperamental snit. Albeit a dangerous, deadly adolescent. ? Faylene, 1421 HC

The Unseelie Court is an organization of faeries in the Shadow World which embraces the nature of the Shadow World, and uses the Seeming to thwart those who would restore this otherworld into the place it was before the coming of the Shadow, the Faerie Realm. The Unseelie Court is a hideous mockery of the Seelie Court ? in a sense, the Faerie Queen?s entourage as seen through a fun-house mirror. The Dark Queen (see below) and her followers manipulate the Seeming to convert the area near them into the Shadow World?s most haunted, twisted forest. There, they plot against the seelie faeries and others they consider their enemies. Because evil seeks its own reflection and treachery breeds mistrust, the unseelie faeries see an enemy in nearly everyone they encounter.
The Unseelie do not form alliances with other beings, and cooperation with others is only on the basis of mutual self-interest. Those who partner with the Unseelie faeries do so at risk and must continually justify their existence to their capricious confederates.
The Unseelie Court wages an age-old war against the Faerie Queen and the Seelie Court. Characters may find themselves caught in the crossfire, enlisted (willingly or not) to aid one side, or trying to redirect the war efforts toward subduing a larger menace: the Cold Rider (assuming that shadowy presence doesn?t win over the Dark Queen first).

[top]The Dark Queen

The Dark Queen, Lussina, reigns over the Unseelie Court. The daughter of the seelie Faerie Queen, she once possessed beauty beyond imagining. But Lussina also possessed envy, ambition, and ruthlessness. She plotted to overthrow her mother and take her place as queen of the Seelie Court. She failed. The Faerie Queen, unable to bring herself to punish her daughter with a traitor?s death, cast Lussina out of the Seelie Court forever. In a rage, Lussina gathered her followers together and formed her own court ? with herself as queen.
The Dark Queen has lost her comeliness but retains the allure of a black widow. Any male character who beholds her must immediately succeed at a Will save or fall prey to her seduction. Lussina seeks not to seduce her victims sexually, however, but psychologically, trying to enlist them in her side of the eternal war she wages on the Seelie Court.
The Unseelie Court continually receives new members. The Faerie Queen has no tolerance for faeries with evil tendencies ? more often than not, the malevolent faeries she banishes from her court find their way to her daughter?s.

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