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Tsarevic is a Vos term for a "great chief" or "overchieftain". In all of Vos history, only Basil Zariyatam could claim this title and be accepted by his fellows. Since Zaritatam's death, the title has been amongst the titles used to refer to Belinik or his avatar.
Despite the glory that the title holds, few Vos war-leaders claim the title - though it is not uncommon for a successful Tsarevo to be toasted as Tsarevic - and then promptly disavow the title. Those foolish enough to claim the title rarely survive long, either their raging ego leads them to launch a raid that sees their death, or the priests of Belinik arrange for their death - for Belinik desires his followers to fight for dominance, not unite and thus permit the weak to survive.
Scholars outside of Vosgaard theorize that Tsarevic would be the title of a Vos emperor if "the savages" could ever overcome their fractious nature and unite as a people.

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