Treven Gavinhorne

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by Darren Cooper
19th-level Anuirean Wizard

[top]AD&D 2nd Edition Statistics

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 14

AC: DM discretion
hp: 52
MV: 12
THAC0: (base) 18
Bloodline: Basaia, minor, 23
Blood Abilities: Animal Affinity (minor), Resistance (major)

Equipment: Treven has the resources of the entire College of Sorcery for his use, and therefore has any equipment deemed necessary by the DM, including magical items and spell components.

One of the youngest wizards ever to gain the high honor of a seat on the Council of the Royal College of Sorcery, Treven is also one of its most active members. Only in his early thirties, Treven is eager to show that he is the eqaul to any of the other council members. Brash, and easily excitable, Treven champions the policies and decisions of the Council with zeal.

His attitude and outlook benefit the College of Sorcery, for his position within the Council is that of Public Relations. Treven is responsible for promoting the College and its policies, and repairing the long standing mistrust the people of Anuire hold of the College and of Anuirean wizards in general. Typical duties include taking part in the annual festivals of the City, and giving assistance to those regents (who can afford the astronomical price) that ask for the aid of the College.

Rumors whisper that he is the favorite of Azusena, and that it was for this reason he was promoted to the position he now has on the Council. Despite Treven's inexperience in his responsibilities as a member of the Council, he has performed remarkably well; nowadays, when the common person thinks of the College of Sorcery, his face is the one most people see. His popularity among the citizens of the City of Anuire has done much to increase the respectability of the College, and has drawn many new young noble men and women to study at this prestigious institution.

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