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Treucht Chauchen

GB Income:
6 GB
RP Income:
10 RP

7 GB
12 RP


A reclusive temple created by an ehrshegh.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

Those who study religion believe the church holds both Ruornil and Erik in high esteem, but neither is the center of the religion.
The church is fully focused to the protection of the forest kingdom of Treucht; as a result Thelma has abolished the marketing of the forest, removing and banning all of the guild holdings from the realm.

[top]The Land


An emerging ehrshegh, Hap Prechlen Thelma est Chauchen estabilished her own religion in Treucht many years ago. She temporarily forsook her wizardly powers and became a priestess, Now, her combined abilities keep Treucht safe from its enemies, Her Treucht Chauchen co-exists peacefully with Erik’s temples.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Treucht Chauchen
Ebbingtruch, Massenmarch (3/6)SW (1)TC (2)-CB (5)
Massenhode, Massenmarch (2/7)SW (0)TC (?)FZ (2)CB (6)
Deusei, Treucht (4/5)BE (1)TC (2)-TC (3)
Muellan, Treucht (3/6)BE (2)TC (3)-TC (2)
Musbrahlen, Treucht (3/6)BE (2)TC (1)-TC (4)
Treumar, Treucht (4/5)BE (4)TC (1)-TC (5)
PA (2)
Treustap, Treucht (2/7)BE (1)PA (1)-TC (5)
RG (2)
Abbreviations: SW = The SwordHawk; TC = Hap Prechlen Thelma est Chauchen (Treucht Chauchen); CB = Camyrynnyd Bullahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie); FZ = Fazourk Zuarim (Fosslumbren); BE = Belinda Ehrsdottal (Treucht); PA = Pieter Astridsen (Old Father of Forests); RG = Rheulaan Greencloack (Wizard of Rheulgard);

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