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A title is a reflection of the ranks of society among the peoples of Cerilia.

[top]Landed Titles

Titles vary over time and between locations based on the unique history of every realm. However, the following is a fairly comprehensive list that provides information on both general expectations associated with a title.
Several ManorsLordHláfordHerrSayyidTsarevo
Several ProvincesBaronThegnMarkgrafMushirVoivod

See Also: Table 8-1: Cultural titles - titles according to the BRCS

[top]Local Variations

In Anuire, less common titles include a Baronet, who is a equal to a Lord, except that he holds his lands directly from the regent, typically a Duke or Baron, rather than from his provincial Count as a Lord does. A Viscount which would occupy a place between Lords and Counts, for very important Lords or very minor provincial counts. A foreign title, Marquis is the Anuirean form of Markgraf, and would be equal to a Baron. The title of Mhor is a unique title for the regent of Mhoried and is ranked as a Duke.
The ancient title for a Brecht regent of a realm is Pfalzgraf, though many realms which had been part of the Anuirean Empire embraced Herzog, or Duke as the proper title of a regent.
A very common title is Emir which is just a step below Sultan, but also implies autonomous rule. Sultan is the older title, and Emir claims the same independence without pretending to the antiquity and dignity of being Sultan. An Emir clearly outranks an Mushir.

[top]Non-noble titles

Some areas are not overseen by hereditary noble. In this case, the sovereign of the land appointed a commoner in charge of a part of his domain.
Several ManorsWarden----
Several ProvincesGovernor----

[top]Ecclesiastical Titles

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