Timeline of Rzhlev

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The following is a timetable detailing the major events in Rzhlevian history.

The third wave
325 - 350 MaFirst colonization of the Dwarfhame
513 MaWar of the Shadow, most of the land colonized by humans
0 HCThe Great Earthquak and the end of the great dwarven kingdom
The years of the Anuirean Empire
50 HCImperial conquest. The north becomes Oevere, the south becomes Ulfer
~450 HCOevere becomes a vassal state of Ulfer
940 HCHarold Ulfer became king of Ulfer and count of the region
The birth of Roschlöwen
945 HCRichard Roslöw is born
954 HCAlisse Ulfer is born
970 ~950~ HCThe Black Spear Company reaches unit status
973 HCDeath of Michael Roele (0 MR)
975 HCOrog invasion of Oevere, Alisse starts adventuring in Ulfer, Richard grieves his dead wife
978 HCAlisse returns in Berhagen to help with the insurrection
980 HCOevere asks Richard for help, the invasion of Oevere begins
982 HCAlisse starts invading Ulfer from the south
985 HCRichard is crowned King of Oevere
986-987Battles between Harold, Alisse and Richard's army
989 HCAlisse usurps Harold's birthright
990 HCAlisse and Richard met on the battlefield and fell in love. Roschlöwen is born as a new realm unifying Ulfer and Oevere.
992 HCTwins Edsel and Averil Roslöw-Ulfer are born
1001 HCAlisse and Richard die during their sleep
The Roslöw-Ulfer dynasty
1087 HCGretchen Roslöw-Ulfer usurps the throne with her cousin Kurth Ulfer
1120 HCKurth and Katherine Roslöw-Ulfer became the new rulers
1136 HCRoschlöwen joins the Free League of Brechtür
1140 HCBattle of Lake Ladan. Kurth dies; Viktor the tyrant pursues the Brechts through the Mistmoor
1141 HCThe Mistmoor prevents Viktor from returning back; Katherine disappears
The Vos conquest
1145 HCAll attempts to invade Berhagen and Grevesmühl fail; a truce is signed; northen Roschlöwen is split up between each of Viktor's generals
1153 HCPyotr Svafnirov creates the new social map for the realm and introduced the Right of Might
1181 HCViktor the tyrant dies
400 MRNobody calls the realm Roschlöwen anymore. Rzhlev is the recognized name.
425 MRGregor Molev is born
450 MRPlague and famine plague the Rzhlevenian population. Rodel is born
470 MRGregor rallies the zhupans against Mikail Pyotrovisk and defeats him
The modern years
471 MRRodel becomes the first tsar from a different House since Viktor, at age 20
490 MRGrovnikk Glössevik is introduced to Rodel's court
496 MRMarisha Rodelovisk is born
499 MRAfter killing all his relatives, Rodel appoints Feyulf as zhupan of Feyulfsky
502 MRBrother Luther becomes the new First Sage of the Ayairdan Vierklevven
512 MRBlackspear finds a toddler in the Mistmoor and raises her as her daughter Birgitta
524 MRNikoli Brokeslav kills his father Misha Brokeslav
525 MRBirgitta Blackspear becomes Marisha's personal bodyguard
520 MRDimitri Rodelovisk, first heir, dies during a battle
521 MRThe other heirs die or disappear. Rodel dies, Marisha Rodelovisk becomes the new tsarina
526 MRMarisha appoints Nikoli as new War Master of the Belinik Tsarevic
530 MRBirgitta earns the name Jarlsbane, is sent to study as an assassin
540 MRBirgitta allegedly kills Brother Luther and is converted to Laerme
550 MRA rebellion in Molevof eradicates the Grovnikken Stohlevvskyy and the Belinik Tsarevic from the province

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